What is The Canadian Carp Society?

The Canadian Carp Society

Launched in the spring of 2021, the Canadian Carp Society is a group of like-minded anglers that have come together to help promote and grow catch and release carp angling in North America through engaging content such as articles, videos, events, competitions and more.

What started out as a simple idea to bring carp anglers in North America closer together through an online community has turned into something quite impressive. As a co-founder, my opinion may be biased but I am very proud of what this small group has achieved in such a short period of time and am excited to see how will grow and develop in the future.

What Does the Canadian Carp Society Offer to Members?

The Canadian Carp Society offers two membership tiers.

$35.00 (CAD) Annually – for those who want access to the community, content and all events. This membership tier is also for international members who wish to join and participate as the Canadian Carp Society doesn’t currently ship the higher tier membership packs outside of Canada. This membership tier has been touted as severely underpriced, especially when converted into USD or other currencies, it really is a bargain.

$65.00 (CAD) Annually – the upper tier is the Canadian Carp Societies “Pro” membership level. With the bigger fee comes the same access to all content and also a Membership Merch Pack with exclusive Canadian Carp Society Merch.

For detailed videos on What the Canadian Carp Society Offers, be sure to check out the “What’s Inside Page” or the Playlist on their YouTube Channel Here.

Canadian Carp Society Social Platform

The Canadian Carp Society Social Platform operates much the same as Facebook, but without the negativity. Once you become a member you can log in and create a profile to highlight your catches and carp angling experiences for all members to see. Posts are saved to your personal profile and also visible on the community stream to all members.

Not just another “Closed Facebook Group” or outdated “Forum” the Canadian Carp Society is all about innovation and providing the best experience for its membership.

Yes theres an app for that
Canadian Carp Society APP

The Social Platform Offers:

  • Friends, Following, Groups, Private Messaging, Likes, Polls, Comments, Add Photos, Share Videos and more.

There are such great distances between anglers in North America, the social platform provides a great place where we can come together, share and get to know one another all the while growing and promoting our common passion of carp angling.

Other Great Canadian Carp Society Features:

Aside from its own social platform and mobile app, the Canadian Carp Society offers a ton of content that is updated regularly.

On the inside there are:

Spring, Summer and Fall Events

Engaging Virtual Events that all members can participate in.


A unique challenge series where members that wish to participate are entered into a playoff-style bracket with one member crowned the winner at the end of the event.

Canadian Carp Society Store

No community is complete unless it has a store with member-only merch. Shirts, hats, buffs and more are available for purchase. Proceeds go towards making the Canadian Carp Society better for all.


A member-only podcast where Canadian Carp Society Members chat with other carp anglers around the globe.

Member Only Benefits

As the Canadian Carp Society Grows so will its member benefits section. Canadian Carp Society Members already enjoy discounts on purchases at some of the top carp tackle retailers in North America as well as other deals related to carp angling content on a global scale. (These deals alone will more than pay for your annual membership fee if used)


Great prizes are available to all members.

Unofficial Record Page

Ever wonder what the biggest carp caught in Canada or North America is? The Canadian Carp Society is dedicated to recording and documenting special captures of 30lbs or greater. Finally one source for the top fish caught in Canada. The Canadian Carp Society also likes to celebrate these special catches by members by awarding collectible achievement stickers for any fish over 30lbs or 40lbs. (One per angler per year.)

Live Broadcasts

Interactive Chats and announcements are held live on the Canadian Carp Society Social Platform.

Articles and Videos

Member-generated content that highlights successful carp fishing tactics and gear used right here in Canada.

Canadian Carp Society Buy & Sell Group

A members-only group to buy and sell used carp gear. If you’re new to carp angling you can get some great deals on used gear or if you’re a veteran carp angler looking to get a decent price for your like-new used gear this is the place for you.

Achievement Stickers 1
Special CCS Achievement Stickers

The Canadian Carp Society is Much More than Just a Social Platform

The main goal of the Canadian Carp Society is to promote fish care, conservation and to help protect and promote the world-class carp fishery that is often overlooked by many.

The Canadian Carp Society hopes to take a lead role in educating other anglers on the ins and outs of carp angling to ensure fish are treated properly while on the bank and released so that others can enjoy the thrill of catching some of these impressive specimens over and over.

The Future of the Canadian Carp Society

Already 100’s of members strong the Canadian Carp Society looks as though it will have a very bright future. The features listed above are just the beginning. As the Canadian Carp Society continues to grow so will its features and offerings. This is a very much member-led community, always open to ideas and suggestions. These are exciting times and it will be interesting to see how big the Canadian Carp Society grows.

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