What is a Spod Reel for Carp Fishing?

What is a Spod Reel? Why would you need a specific reel just for spodding? Is it necessary to use a Spod Reel when Carp Fishing? There are many questions to be answered when one first hears the term “Spod Reel”.

For many years I used one of my regular carp fishing reels to bait up with a spod or spomb. Once I upgraded to a Spod Reel, I quickly realized how much easier life could be on the bank. Since I’ve had experience baiting with both a normal reel and a spod reel, I will detail the differences I’ve noted between the two.

What is a Spod Reel?

A Spod Reel is a specialized Carp Fishing Reel that allows anglers to bait up large areas at varying distances quickly and efficiently. Heavier gears, quicker line retrieval, optimal line lay and larger handles are just a few aspects that make life on the bank much easier when using a specific reel for spodding.

Spod Reel for Carp Fishing

Spodding is a form of baiting when targeting carp specifically. A spod or spomb is a torpedo-shaped device that delivers bait to a certain area when cast. Spods tend to be quite heavy when fully loaded with bait that should optimally be used with a dedicated Spod Reel and Spod Rod.

Is it Necessary to Use a Spod Reel for Carp Fishing?

For years I went without using a reel specifically for spodding when I got into carp angling. It was a cost I couldn’t justify, with so many other pieces of gear taking priority. While using a spod reel for carp fishing is not necessary, it makes life much easier.

I swapped out one of my big carp fishing reels and would put it on my spod & marker rod for baiting up, then switch it back to my regular fishing rod. It took more time this way and was a bit of a hassle, but regular carp fishing reels are capable of spodding accurately and effectively if you’re on a tight budget.

What is the Difference Between a Spod Reel and a Regular Carp Fishing Reel?

Spod Reel vs Regular Reel

While spod reels look almost identical to regular carp fishing reels, some important aspects optimize them for the task. Not only will they last longer due to better construction, but you will also notice these features make it much easier on the angler.

Strong Line Clips

Spod Reel Line Clip

Carp Reels come with at least one line clip to increase casting accuracy. Some even have two. Spod reels will have three clips to allow anglers to bait at multiple distances with ease quickly. You will note that line clips on a spod reel are also more robust to hold up to the added strain of heavy loads.

Cranking Power

The most important aspect of a Spod Reel is the higher cranking power. Spod reels will have a higher gear ratio. Each handle crank will bring in more line compared to a regular carp fishing reel. Making the task of baiting up much quicker while also reducing the strain on the angler.

Large Gearing

Larger, more robust gears aid in holding up to the added strain of casting fully loaded spods or spombs. Regular carp fishing reels will feel the strain from the added power of special spod rods while casting heavy loads over and over. The gears and components will begin to wear over time.

Large Handles and Grips

Spod Reel Handle

Larger handles with specialized rubber-coated grips allow anglers to reel in quickly with less strain on their arms and hands. Something you don’t realize until you’ve used a spod reel. The handles normally have smooth grips without any grooves. This is so spod mixes don’t embed themselves in the handle.

Large Spools

Spod reels have larger spools to accommodate specialty spod lines. Quality spod line is made of buoyant braided material. It is stronger and easier to retrieve than lines made for fishing on the bottom, which are designed to be heavy so they can sink and contour to the bottom substrate.

Slower Oscillation

Quality spod reels will have a slower oscillation to aid in better line lay on the spool. This will aid in hitting those long distances over and over when putting out large amounts of bait. When the casting process is made easier, it reduces the strain on the angler and gear.

For more information on other types of reels, such as Big Pits, Bait Runners, and Quick Drag Reels, be sure to check out our Beginners Guide to Carp Fishing Reels, which covers the topic in greater detail.

Why Should You Use a Spod Reel when Carp Fishing?

There are many reasons to use a spod reel for baiting up when carp fishing. Although it is an added cost upfront to purchase a specific baiting reel, it is worth it with the time saved on the bank and the wear and tear on your other fishing gear.

Ease of Use

If you’re still using a normal carp fishing reel for baiting up, you most likely notice how long it takes to switch from a spodding setup and then back to your regular fishing setup. On longer sessions where you’re regularly adding bait, it can be a pain to switch a rod out constantly.

Bait Up Quicker

As mentioned above, the higher gear ratio will allow for quicker retrieval. While this won’t save much time on short sessions, spod reels really shine on multi-day sessions when adding bait regularly at long distances. Minutes will quickly turn into hours of time saved on big waters.

Save Your More Expensive Carp Fishing Gear

A dedicated spod reel and rod will save wear and tear on your dedicated carp fishing setup. After time, if you’re using cheaper or smaller reels to bait up, they will break down. Gears will begin to strip, or the drag will start to slip. In the long run, purchasing a dedicated spod setup will save you money on having to replace other pieces of kit.

If you’re considering purchasing a dedicated spod reel, you should pair it with a dedicated spod rod for optimal performance. We go over Spod Rods for Carp Fishing in this article.

What is the Best Spod Reel for Carp Fishing?

There are many different types of spod rods made by many different manufacturers. When choosing a proper spod reel, you can’t go wrong with many of the big brand names in carp angling. If you already have a set of reels from one brand, you can most likely purchase the same reel style in a “Spod” Model.

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