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Top 5 Places to Buy Carp Fishing Tackle – USA and Canada

When I first began trying to catch carp in North America over 20 years ago, it was near impossible to find specific carp fishing tackle. Anglers in the United States and Canada had to make do with gear tailored towards big fish like salmon and trout to land larger specimen such as carp.

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Although I have noticed more and more anglers starting to target carp in North America in recent years, it would still be difficult for local shops to make a living off stocking up on carp-specific fishing gear. Luckily the internet has brought us the magic of eCommerce! Through this platform, the particular sites listed below can sell to all anglers across North America, thus reaching enough customers to make a profit.

Where Can You Buy Carp Fishing Tackle in North America?

The best places to buy Carp Fishing Tackle in North America (the USA and Canada) are:

As I will outline in further detail below, the North American Carp Angler can now obtain any piece of Carp Fishing Kit manufactured and sold worldwide. Although special European Carp Fishing Tackle isn’t necessary to catch Carp, I have noticed an increase in my catch rates and enjoyment of the sport by implementing new tactics and specialty tackle.

1. Carp Kit

Carp Kit stocks all the major European brands of Carp Fishing Tackle and ships quickly to the United States and Canada. I can spend hours on the Carp Kit website browsing through the vast amount of gear they have available.

The process of creating an account and using the checkout system is very streamlined and easy to use. I enjoy the wish list feature available once you create an account. While browsing, I will frequently add items I want to purchase in the future and add them to my wish list.

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In the rare event that there has been an error or damage to my order Carp Kit has been quick to respond and has gone above and beyond to remedy the issue.

Last year I had some specific pieces of kit that I was trying to get a hold of. I contacted Carp Kit in advance and inquired if they could be included in the next order that was made. As it was winter here in Canada and my carp fishing was on hold, I had no issue waiting a few months until the next shipment came in from overseas.

Due to the high level of customer service, amount of kit available, and ease of use Carpkit hits the number one spot on my list for buying Carp Fishing Gear in North America.

2. Big Carp Tackle

Coming in at number two is Big Carp Tackle. I ranked it second since they haven’t shipped to Canada until recently. I haven’t ordered any items myself but heard from a few others that things can take a while to arrive in Canada and that it can be a bit pricey. (Update: Order and Review in the video posted above.) Although, if you live in the United States, this may be one of your best options for obtaining quality Carp Fishing Gear.

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Big Carp Tackle has been around quite a while and stocks a larger amount of European Carp Fishing Tackle. Definitely, a great source you should check out.

3. Monster Carp Tackle

3rd on the list is Monster Carp Tackle. They create and stock their line of Carp Fishing specific products such as bite alarms, bait, rods and terminal tackle. In my experience, they are quality products at a reasonable price.

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I have noticed that they have been stocking some other brands of carp fishing tackle such as ESP, Drennan and Wychwood. Shipping and pricing seem spot on for Canadian Customers, and I know some top anglers that recommend monster carp tackle products above others.

4. Harris Sportsmail

Harris Sportsmail is a large tackle retailer based in the United Kingdom. They ship all sorts of fishing gear and tackle worldwide, including the United States and Canada. If you have trouble finding any special carp fishing tackle at the above websites, you can most likely purchase it from Harris Sportsmail.

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They are a large retailer thus, they have a large customer service department. Although North American sites still provide excellent customer service, Harris Sportsmail is so large that it has its own customer service team on-site and can provide quicker information on any carp fishing questions you have.

I have ordered a few times from Haris Sportsmail. The prices are reasonable, and delivery was within a week.

5. Johnson Ross Tackle

Johnson Ross Tackle has been around for years and is a family-run business. They offer a wide range of Carp Fishing Gear. If you’re unable to find what you’re looking for through North American Online Retailers, be sure to give Johnson Ross a look. They have a well-laid-out website that is very easy to navigate. With quick shipping and excellent customer service, this was a difficult choice to rank as 5th on our list.

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Through the websites listed above, any North American angler should be able to obtain all the carp-specific gear they need to be successful on the bank. or AliExpress

Over the years, there are more and more options popping up online for carp anglers to order the gear that they want at a reasonable price. I use many different sources to order my gear every year. Although I order most through Carpkit, I will list a few additional options below that I’ve been using lately to save a few dollars and obtain those harder-to-find items. Carp Fishing Gear

Buying Carp Gear 2 Store

The Store has a much better selection of carp fishing gear than the USA and Canada Amazon stores.

I’ve noticed recently that they offer shipping to Canada and the USA on the majority of their products now. It can be pricey for shipping, but there is a better selection of items.

AliExpress Carp Fishing Gear

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Ali Express Store

Although the Ali Express Online Store can be confusing at times, there are becoming more and more reliable vendors that are selling and shipping to North America.

I use the Hirisi Store to order most of my Carp Fishing Terminal Tackle these days as it is much cheaper.

I write these articles in an attempt to make the ultimate online resource for carp anglers and to help those that are new to the sport. If you use any online stores to purchase carp gear, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know so we can feature them here.

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