To Krimp or Knot – Beginner’s Guide to Crimping Carp Rigs

Since I saw crimps for crimping carp rigs come out on the market, I thought they were gimmicky and just another piece of gear for anglers to spend their money on. That is until I started crimping my own carp rigs. I didn’t realize how much it would simplify and speed up the process of making rigs.

In this article, I will go over how and why I use crimps to tie my carp fishing rigs instead of knots. Not only does crimping make carp fishing rigs stronger, but it also speeds up the process and makes your rigs much neater and more effective.

Is Crimping Better than Knot Tying When making Carp Rigs?

Crimping is superior to knot-tying when using a stiff hook link material for carp fishing rigs. A knot will always be the weakest part of a rig; using crimps will strengthen the rig and speed up the process of tying rigs with stiff materials. It may cost a little more for the materials, but that cost will more than make up for itself with time and effort saved.

If you’re thinking of getting started with crimping carp rigs, there are a few things to consider. The types of rigs best suited to crimping and the types of materials that will be required. When I was first learning, I made the mistake of ordering the wrong hook link and improperly sized crimps. This cost me added time and money that I will save for you by outlining the proper materials and rigs below.

What are the Best Materials for Crimping Carp Fishing Rigs?

Korda makes the best materials for both hook links and crimps that I use. The Korda Krimps and Boom Material come in two different sizes and are not interchangeable, so be sure to get the right-sized Korda Krimps to match the hook link that you have.

Crimping Carp Rigs Feature
Carp Rig Crimping Mateirals

The Korda Boom Fluorocarbon Stiff Link Material is what I use for most of my rigs, and it is available in two different sizes listed below. Each will fit the respective Small and Large Krimps, respectively.

  • Korda Boom Fluorocarbon Stiff Link – 25 lb – 0.55mm – 15m – Small.
  • Korda Boom Fluorocarbon Stiff Link – 35 lb – 0.65mm – 15m – Large.

The Korda Krimps are the crimps I use on all my carp fishing rigs. They also come in two sizes, as listed below, that will fit the hook link material above perfectly.

  • Korda Krimps – 0.6mm – Small.
  • Korda Krimps – 0.7mm – Large.

One final piece of kit that you will need to seat the Krimps onto the line properly is the Korda Krimping Tool. It comes with two different-sized grooves for crimping the above-sized Korda Krimps. This tool is essential as it provides the perfect amount of pressure to crimp and seat the crimps perfectly for optimal strength without damaging the stiff hook link material.

While the materials listed above are optimal for krimping carp rigs, there are a few others that are stated to work.

  • Korda Hybrid Stiff Hook Link Material.
  • Korda Mouth Trap.

I have not had any experience crimping these other materials. I’ve just read online that they are also compatible with the Korda krimps and krimping tools. I would imagine that they must be a specific strength and line diameter to fit the proper krimps.

For more specific information, be sure to read our other article that explains all the bit of Terminal Tackle for Carp Fishing.

What Type of Carp Fishing Rigs are Best for Crimping?

Crimps are most effective when used with stiff hook link material, so any carp fishing rig such as:

  • The Spinner Rig
  • The Chod Rig
  • The Stiff-Hinged RIg
  • The Ronnie Rig
  • Basically, any rig that is tied with a stiff hook link material.

Crimps make the tying process much easier and quicker. These rigs will be both stronger and easier to tie when crimped. The stiffer fluorocarbon leader used in these rigs can be a downright pain to tie a small knot in.

Pros and Cons of Crimping Carp Fishing Rigs Over Tying Knots

There are some pros and cons to using crimps for carp fishing. It mainly comes down to the angler and their opinions. I used to think they were a waste of time, but now I always have the materials in my rig box.

Crimping Feature 2 1
Korda Krimping Materials

Pros of Crimping Carp Fishing Rigs

  • Neater-looking rigs and materials.
  • Stronger rigs overall.
  • Easier and quicker to use.
  • Ability to easily make all rigs the same length.
  • Just looks darn cool!

Cons of Crimping Carp Fishing Rigs

  • More materials are required.
  • More costly on a per rig basis.
  • Only useable with certain carp rig materials.
  • Materials can sometimes be difficult to find.
  • Only useable with certain carp rig presentations.

Will Crimps Damage the Carp Fishing Rig Material?

When the Korda Krimps were first developed, they were made from a stronger material that did occasionally damage the hook link material and compromise it upon being crimped.

Korda tested the products thoroughly and even went back to the drawing board and ended up making the Krimps out of a softer material to prevent them from damaging the hook link material. I can say for sure I have never had a crimped rig break on me.

Where to Buy Carp Fishing Rig Crimping Materials

Crimping tools and materials can be tricky to come by in North America. Luckily, I’ve come across two great suppliers so I can quickly and easily replenish my stocks when needed.

Krimping How-To Video on YouTube

Simply do a quick google search for Korda Krimps. Google will populate a list of the current krimps, tools and materials that are in stock at local stores.