Sonik Vader X RS Landing Net Review

I’ve used the Sonik Vader X RS Landing Net for over a year and figured it’s time to write an honest review about it. Although it’s a Landing Net targeted at a budget price point, I’ve been quite impressed at how it has held up.

I’ve used and abused the Sonik Vader X RS Landing Net, so it may look pretty scratched and beat up in these photos. The scratches and dents have nothing to do with its build quality, but with the environment it’s been used in. I’ve put countless fish on the bank, and mostly fish challenging swims with concrete and rock break walls.

Sonik Vader X RS Landing Net Features

When the Sonik Vader X RS Net came out, I purchased the model with a one-piece 6-foot handle. Since then, I have purchased an additional net with the two-piece 6-foot handle. Both nets are identical, aside from the handle design. If you’re unsure which to get, I highly recommend the two-piece handle version, it has all the benefits of the one-piece version yet has a smaller pack-down size and the option to use the handle as a 3-foot section or baiting spoon handle.

  • 2-Piece 6-Foot Handle
  • 42” Soft Fish Friendly Olive Mesh
  • Shrink Wrap Grip on End
  • Supplied with Draw Cord and Carry Bag
  • Stiff Carbon Net Arms
  • Engraved Sonik Logo on Butt Cap
  • Plastic Spreader Block
  • Built-in Net Retainer
  • Sleek Vader X Branding
  • Compatible Net Float Sold Separately
  • Soft Rubber End Caps on Net Arms
  • Rigid Carbon Construction

2-Piece 6-Foot Handle

Sonik Vader X RS Landing Net 2 Piece Handle

The Sonik Vader X RS Landing Net comes with either one-piece or two-piece handles. The style you choose will depend on personal preference, but I prefer the two-piece handles for easy transportation and storage.

42 ” Soft Fish-Friendly Hex Mesh

Best Carp Fishing Nets

Sonik has improved the soft, fish-friendly hex mesh on the Sonik Vader X RS Landing Net over previous models such as the Sonik SKS Landing Net. The new mesh is a lighter olive-green colour and has an almost slippery texture. It has held up much better than previous nets Sonik has put out on the market. The hex mesh has larger holes to enable water to flow through it easily and increase netting speed.

Stiff Net Arms / Rubber End Caps

Cygnet Landing Net Arms

The net arms are made of stiff carbon material and come equipped with soft rubber end caps to prevent damage to the hex mesh netting. They slide effortlessly into the moulded spreader block.

Plastic Spreader Block

Sonik Vader X RS Landing Spreader Block

The spreader block design is quite simple and made out of durable plastic material. This is one piece of the net that is made from a cheaper material to help save on costs and offer a quality net to the budget-friendly angler.

Grips on Net Handle Section

Sonik Vader X RS Landing Net Grip

Unlike other carp landing nets, the Sonik Vader X only has a shrink-wrap grip on the end of one handle section. So if you’re using just the smaller 3-foot section from a boat, the smaller section may slip out of your hands easier as it’s just the carbon shaft. Both sections join together quite well, and I’ve never experienced any slipping at the joint. Just one aspect I was concerned about before purchasing.

Draw Cord and Carry Bag

Sonik Vader X RS Carry Bag

The Sonik Vader X RS Landing Net came complete with a carrying bag and drawcord. This allows for easier storage and transport when slipping it into rod sleeves.

Where to Buy the Sonik Vader X RS Carp Landing Net?

I purchased my Sonik Vader X RS Landing Net through Carpkit. I will list multiple locations to purchase the net so you can easily compare prices and choose what works best for you.

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