Sonik SKS Bite Alarm

Sonik SKS Bite Alarm In-Depth Review

I’ve used the Sonik SKS Bite Alarm and Receiver Set for a few years now and cannot fault it whatsoever. This was my go-to set of alarms on the bank for many years.

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What I like most about this set is the compatible Receiver and Bivvy Light, which are paired with each alarm. We will get to those later; let’s first start by quickly going over the Sonik SKS Bite Alarms features.

Sonik SKS Bite Alarm Main Features

Sonik SKS Bite Alarm
Tone Settings7 Levels
Volume Settings5 + Silent Mode
Sensitivity Settings4 Levels
LED ColoursRed, Blue and White
Power ButtonHold Volume for 3 Seconds
Battery Type2 x AA Batteries
Sonik SKS Bite Alarms

The Sonik SKS Bite Alarms Run off a Magnetic Roller Wheel. There are two magnets on the roller wheel, depending on the alarm’s sensitivity settings. Each time the magnet passes the electronic sensor, it notifies the angler via an audible tone and visual LED light.

  • Dropback Indication – White LED on the Left combined with a Lower Audible Tone.
  • Take Indication – Blue, Red or White LED (depending on the alarm) combined with a higher-pitched audible tone.

The Alarms have dedicated drop back and take indicators. The tone of the alarm and the light colour will be different if your line plays out (a take) or moves backwards (a dropback); this is a must-have feature in a carp fishing bite alarm. It will notify you immediately when you have any movement on the end of your line and help you decide what actions you should take.

Sonik SKS Reciever Features

Sonik SKS Receiver 1
Volume5 Levels
Tone7 Levels
LightsRed, Blue and White
Silent ModeYes
On / Off SwitchLow Profile on Rear
Battery Type1 x 9v Battery
Sokin SKS Bite Alarm Receiver

I was pleasantly surprised by the range of this receiver. Sonik Sports states it reaches up to 200 yards; I never stray that far from my alarms, but it is nice knowing that it will work when I venture off to socialize with other anglers.

When I first used this set, I accidentally dropped the receiver into the water. (I do not recommend this to anyone reading!) My heart sank as it slowly drifted to land in the silt 4 feet below the surface. I fished it out and feared it was ruined. I flipped the power button off and on but just got the 4 tone audible error code. I dried the unit off as best I could and left it to sit in the warm sun for a few hours. I turned it on and was surprised it worked as good as new, and I haven’t had any issues with it since.

Sonik SKS Bivvy Light Features

Sonik SKS Bivvy Light 1
LED LightsRed, Blue and White
Brightness6 Levels
On / Off SwitchYes
Delay Setting6 Levels
Battery Type3 x AA Batteries
Alarm Sync ButtonYes
Sonik SKS Bite Alarm Bivvy Light
  • Matching LED Lights – Not only does the light turn on and notify you that one of your alarms has gone off, it actually turns the colour of the exact alarm that has a take. You can be a bit confused in the middle of the night when you’re awoken by a screaming run; luckily, this feature can help you identify which rod is going off and which direction you need to head in if you’re rods are spread out.
  • Removeable Magnetic Base – The bivvy light comes with a magnetic plate on the base. If you’re like me and lack hooks or loops on your bivvy ceiling, this is a great feature to attach it where ever you like.
  • Hook Under the Magnetic Base – If you do have loops or somewhere to hang the light, it does have a hook that folds out of the base under the magnetic plate, if you prefer that option.

Sonik SKS Bite Alarm Other Features

Sonik SKS Blue Alarm
  • Quality – Nice soft rubber weatherproof coating. I’ve used these alarms in all sorts of different weather conditions. These alarms have performed flawlessly throughout the rain, cold, sleet and snow.
  • Batteries – Easy to access battery compartment, and each alarm takes simple to replace 2 x AAA Batteries. (Tip: Purchase Quality Lithium Batteries, which will last many years.)
  • They Look Nice – A matte black soft rubber coating with super bright LED lights, these alarms fit the bill for carpy looks. Half the battle is looking good out on the bank, and these do just that.
  • Locking Collars – One Stainless and One Soft Rubber Locking Collar (washer). This makes setting them up very simple; no more fiddling with two stainless locking collars to line your alarms up. Snug it down to the rubber washer, and give it a turn until it lines up straight, and you’re good to go.
  • Low Battery Warning – Once your batteries drop below a certain level, the alarms will give an audible double beep (every 20 seconds) to let you know you need to change them soon.
  • Lightweight and Compact – These alarms fit in carry bags with no problem. Some alarms can be big and bulky and a pain to transport. This entire set with receiver and bivvy light fits nicely within one compartment of my bivvy bag.
  • Night Light Feature – An often overlooked feature of these alarms, simply holding the tone button down for 3 seconds, will activate the night light located under the magnetic roller wheel. This is a great feature for lighting up your alarms, so you know exactly where your setup is at all times during the night.
  • Compatible Port for Illuminated Bobbins – As with many other alarms, the Sonik SKS Alarms come with a small port on the bottom corner. This is for if you have illuminated bobbins or swing arms. A sought after feature that most anglers must have.

Sonik SKS Bite Alarm Pricing

The pricing is where Sonik Sports really shines. They offer quality products at prices anglers can afford. These are some of the most cost-effective alarms on the market, especially for their quality. Every single feature a carp angler could need in a very nice looking and compact alarm as well.

Sonik SKS Bite Alarm

For exact prices, check out the Sonik SKS Bite Alarm at Johnson Ross Tackle.

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