Nash Scope Ops Transporter Review

Nash Scope OPS Transporter Review

This review looks closely at the Nash Scope OPS Transporter. The amount of gear we think we need as carp anglers can be mind-boggling. Do we need all of it? No, but if you’re a tackle tart like me, any kit that makes life on the bank easier is welcome.

I’ve been on a mission to test and find the perfect small setup for carp fishing. With the mindset of less is more. The less gear I have the quicker I can get out on short sessions and spend more time on the bank resulting in more success. In hopes of finding the perfect storage and transport system for my “Small Setup,” I purchased and tested the Nash Scope OPS R10 Transporter.

Scope Ops Transporter Review

I could not find anyone with hands-on experience with the product. Hence, after purchasing it, I thought I would put a user review together for others considering buying a storage system such as a transporter-style case. Is it a great product? Yes. Does it fit my needs Perfectly? Not in every situation. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details below.

Nash Scope OPS R10 Transporter Features

The Nash Scope Transporter isn’t your average rod sleeve. It comes packed with pockets, compartments, straps and padding to keep all your carp gear secure and safe during transport.

Full Length Zipped Pocket

Transporter Full Length Pocket

The full-length zipped pocket on the front of the Nash Ops Transporter is perfect for holding slings, 2-piece nets, 1kg bags of boilies, baiting poles and all sorts of longer pieces of kit.

Zipped Internal Tackle Storage Compartment

Transporter Internal Tackle Storage Compartment

I use the internal padded storage area to house my Fox Stalker Plus Rod Pod. The transporter excels at holding the entirety of my small fishing carp setup, so I can grab it and go when I have a chance at a short session.

Aluminum Stiffener Bars

Transporter Stiff Frame Bars

The transporter comes with aluminum stiffener poles. They can be removed via a hidden velcro tab on the end. The rigidity is a nice feature to prevent the case from bending and possibly damaging rods like many other transporter and sleeves.

Neoprene Grab Handles

Transporter Neoprene Handles

Soft neoprene grab handles are located on the carry handles, plus grab handles on the ends of the Scope Transporter. These are a nice feature because this piece of kit weighs quite substantially when fully loaded. The neoprene makes it more comfortable to move around.

Unique Nash Scope Camo

Nash Scope Subtle Camo Pattern

The unique Nash Scope Camo pattern is a neat touch, as no other piece of kit will be the same. It is a subtle but very sleek piece of kit.

EVA High Protect Compartments

Transporter Hard EVA Pockets

The compartments on the top of the transporter have rigid tops to protect the contents inside. They can be used as one long storage compartment or three separately with neatly designed velcro walls.

Zipped Internal Insulated Cool Bag Compartment

Transporter Internal Cool Storage Compartment

The insulated cool bag pocket was a pleasant surprise. It can house my scale, rig box, plus a small bucket of PVA and bait. This pocket can be used as one large compartment or split into two with a velcro wall for convenience.

Storage for Rods and Reels x 3

Transporter Rod and Reel Storage

The Nash Scope Ops Transporter can hold three made up rods and reels. I use larger Shimano Ultegra 14000 reels and find three to be a tight squeeze. Luckily I only use a two rod setup on the majority of my sessions and there is a little room to spare.

Adjustable Padded Shoulder Strap

Transporter Shoulder Strap

The adjustable padded shoulder strap is necessary if you’re considering carrying the transporter any distance. There is ample padding on the underside to prevent any soreness in the shoulder. Although this piece of kit is big and bulky it can be carried to swims off the beaten path.

Subtle Nash Scope Branding

Subtle Nash Scope Branding

The transporter sports understated, sleek, subtle Nash Scope Ops Branding to match the unique camo pattern, a must-have for any die-hard carp angler.

Nash Scope OPS R10 Transporter Materials

Sometimes products that come jam-packed with features are made with lesser materials to make them affordable. Luckily Nash didn’t scrimp on quality with the Nash Scope Ops Transporter. This high-end product is made for dedicated carp anglers and shows in its high build quality, sleek branding and materials.

Strong Durable Zippers

Transporter Zippers

I’ve had no issues with the high quality zippers on the Nash Scope Ops Transporter. I’ve noted with other brands the zippers tend to bunch at the corners and cause difficulty closing. The added design of the Nash Transporter has no such issues.

Reinforced Stitching on Handles

Reinforced Stitching

It’s nice to see that every handle has added reinforced stitching. The weight of the Nash Scope Ops Transporter can be pretty significant when fully loaded but the additional attention to detail where needed will make sure it holds up to the everyday rigours of angling.

Soft EVA Foam Padding

EVA Foam Padding

There is ample soft EVA Foam Padding on all major pinch points of the Nash Scope Ops Transporter. This not only makes it more comfortable to carry but also creates an added layer of protection for more expensive pieces of kit such as rods and reels.

Rubberized Waterproof Bottom

Transporter Rubberized Bottom

Another pleasant surprise was the addition of rubberized material on the bottom of the Nash Scope Ops Transporter. This solves two problems. It keeps all your gear on the inside nice and dry, making the entire unit very easy to keep clean. Simply wipe it after every session, and it’s good to go.

I find it’s often better to purchase the higher quality products first. It will save money in the long run rather than opting for cheaper products made of lesser materials, and being let down before realizing a few more dollars upfront will save a lot of headaches.

What Type of Angler Should Buy the Nash Scope OPS R10 Transporter?

After using the Nash Scope Ops Transporter for well over a year, I can honestly say it’s not made to suit every angling situation. I use it in about 90% of the situations I face in my daily angling, but after carrying it around a lake for a day, it is not for the angler on foot.

The Transporter does make it quite easy for me to get out on quick sessions as it houses all my quick session kit, ready to go. I can throw it in the back of the SUV or Boat and set up almost anywhere on my local lake. If you fish from the comfort of a boat or car this is the piece of kit for you.

If you’re still on the fence if the Nash Scope Ops Transporter is right for you, we take a closer look at the ins and outs plus just how much gear it can actually hold in this review on YouTube.

Where to Buy the Nash Scope Ops Transporter?

Although they can be hard to come by here in North America some retailers stock the Nash Scope Ops Transporters in both the R9 and R10 versions. For your convenience, check out the links below for updated pricing and shipping costs.

If you know of a better source to find more information or to purchase the Nash Scope Ops Transporter, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know so we can make this resource as helpful as possible.

Do Nash Dwarf Rods Fit in the Nash Scope Ops R10 Transporter?

No Nash Dwarf Rods do not fit in the Nash Scope Ops Transporter. The reel seats are set further back on the handle so the reels do not align with the Scope Ops Transporter layout. It is best to pair Nash Dwarf ROds with the Nash Dwarf Transporter.

What are the Dimensions of the Nash Scope Ops R10 Transporter?

130 cm (L) x 37 cm (W) x 30 cm (D)
52 ” (L) x 14 ” (W) x 12 ” (D)

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