Nash Dwarf Sling Mat Review

I’ve used the Nash Dwarf Sling Mat for over six years now and can attest it is a quality piece of kit. If you’re looking for a new carp fishing mat, this could be the best choice for you. We will go over the features and some bonuses of the Nash Dwarf Unhooking Mat that can be easily overlooked to show just how versatile this piece of kit is.

How to Handle Big Fish

If you’re new to carp care equipment and not sure why you would need a mat be sure to check out our detailed guide on how to handle and weigh big fish safely.

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Nash Dwarf Sling Mat Features

At first look, the Nash Dwarf Mat can look fairly basic, but after having used it for a while there are a lot of features that this specific piece of kit has that makes life much easier on the bank.

Durable Material

Nash Dwarf Mat Durable Material

Most carp fishing gear I use in my day-to-day angling ends up fading and deteriorating over time. Sun exposure can be harsh on carp care gear as I hang it in direct sunlight to dry and disinfect it after each session. I’m glad to report after six years, the Nash Dwarf Material still looks great.

Reinforced Stitching

Nash Dwarf Sling Mat Reinforced Stitching

Some other brands fail to provide reinforced stitching on handles and straps. The Nash Dwarf Sling Mat has telltale X patterns where each handle is attached to the side of the mat, making it durable, and it shows no signs of rips or tearing after many years of use. I note this attention to detail on the majority of items I have from Nash Tackle.

Mesh Drainage

Nash Dwarf Mat Drainage Mesh

Each side of the Nash Dwarf Unhooking Mat has mesh drainage holes. These allow water to quickly enter and drain when being lifted in and out of the water. This allows fresh water to flow through the mat when handling fish in the water but also makes it quick to get a weight on fish as you’re not waiting for the water to drain through tiny holes.

Weigh Rings on Handles

Nash Dwarf Sling Mat Weigh Rings

I didn’t realize how important the rings on the handles of the Nash Dwarf Mat were until I used a new mat that didn’t have them. When mats or slings don’t have rings, weigh scales tend to slip and fall to whatever side is heaviest. If you do any sort of competitive carp fishing where accurate weights are important, these rings are a must.

Highly Durable Zips and Pulls

Nash Dwarf Sling Mat Zips and Pulls

I like the fact that the Nash Dwarf Mat has larger pull tabs. Small pull tabs can be hard to grip and use when unhooking and handling fish in colder water. I’ve had no issue with the larger branded pull tabs on the Nash Dwarf Unhooking Mat. The zips are durable and there are even plastic rings on the underside of the mat to grab onto securely while pulling the zippers tight, an often easily overlooked detail.

Easy to Clean PVC Material

Nash Dwarf Mat PVC Material

The inside of the Nash Dwarf Mat is made of an easy-to-clean PVC Material. It has sleek Nash Dwarf branding and has held up pretty well over the years. This past year it has started to show its age as it has cracked in a few spots to reveal the foam padding underneath. This is mainly due to the fact that I leave it for days between sessions in direct sunlight as it dries.

Although the Nash Dwarf Unhooking Mat is starting to show its age after 6 hard years of use, I will add some tape to reseal the PVC Fabric and be sure to get even more years out of this solid piece of kit. It’s nice to see that Nash is still producing the Nash Dwarf Sling Mat after many years and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another as a backup.

Why I Prefer the Nash Dwarf Sling Mat

There are a few reasons I usually opt to take the Nash Dwarf Sling Mat over other more expensive options that I have in my arsenal of carp fishing equipment.


Nash Dwarf Sling Transportation

Not only does the Nash Dwarf Mat roll up in an excellent compact form factor for strapping to rod sleeves, but it also can serve as an over-the-shoulder rod and net carrier on those quick 1 or 2-hour outings. This increases my success throughout the season as I find I tend not to head out on quick sessions if I have to pack and haul a lot of gear. My small setup is normally stored inside the Nash Dwarf Mat ready to go.

Doubles as a Weigh Sling

Nash Dwarf Sling weighing

The Nash Dwarf Mat doubles as a quick weigh sling. It can be cumbersome and time-consuming to switch fish from the mat to a sling just to get a quick weight. I usually zero my scales to the mat’s weight when wet. Once the fish are unhooked, the rings that come on the handles of the nash dwarf unhooking mat are perfectly balanced to get a quick weight and then release the fish. This mat definitely reduces the amount of time that fish are out of the water.

Dual Use Design

Nash Dwarf Sling Dual Use

After using the mat for quite some time, I realized it can be used in two different ways. Fully unzipped the mat rolls out to a full-size flat-style mat but if you half zip the zippers up the sides it performs much like a walled mat or cradle. A neat feature often overlooked.

Fully Buoyant

Nash Dwarf Sling Mat

Some of the swims I fish are difficult to access and I end up having to unhook fish in the water with my waders. The Nash Dwarf Mat comes in handy in these situations as I can use it much like a cradle floating on the water with it half zipped up.

The Nash Dwarf Sling Mat is a very versatile piece of kit, due to it’s ease of use and ability to suit many difficult angling situations I still opt to take it on daily sessions over more expensive carp care kit.

Nash Dwarf Sling Mat Pros and Cons

There are some Pros and Cons to the Nash Dwarf Sling Mat, the cons aren’t make-or-break features, just a few things that could be improved. At the price point though the Nash Dwarf Sling Mat is hard to beat as is.

Nash Dwarf Sling Mat ProsNash Dwarf Sling Mat Cons
Lightweight and CompactHeavy when in Water for Long Durations
Easy to Transport and StoreMesh Drainage Only on Sides and Not Bottom
Doubles as a Weigh SlingRings on Handles Not Fixed
Dual Use as A Flat or Walled Mat
Reinforced Stitching
Nash Dwarf Sling Mat Pros and Cons

How Much Does the Nash Dwarf Sling Mat Cost?

The Nash Dwarf Range is the lineup of Nash gear targeted at the “budget” or more cost-effective preference of anglers. I’m quite pleased with all my Nash Dwarf Carp Fishing Gear and happy to say that quality is up there with many of the other higher-end pieces of kit from Nash Tackle.

None of the links provided in this review are sponsored. This is my honest opinion on where to best source the Nash Dwarf Sling Mat for you, the angler.

Here at Improved Carp Angling I review quite a bit of the pieces of kit I use in my daily angling, be sure to check out the Carp Fishing Reviews Page for more solid recommendations.