Nash Dwarf Landing Net Review

Nash Dwarf Landing Net Review

In the market for a compact, affordable carp landing net? The Nash Dwarf Landing Net is among the best budget carp landing nets we’ve used. This review will cover the pros and cons of this minimalist landing net to help you decide if you should purchase it or one of our other Recommended Carp Landing Nets.

Nash Dwarf Landing Net Features

When first looking at the Nash Dwarf Landing Net, one can see that it differs quite a bit from other carp fishing landing nets targeted at a budget price point. The other nets we’ve tested are all two-piece designs that slide together. The Nash Dwarf Landing net has a one-piece telescoping handle that extends 98-180cm.

  • 1-Piece 6-Foot Handle
  • 42” Soft Fish Friendly Black Mesh
  • Japanese Shrink Wrap Grip
  • Supplied with Draw Cord and Carry Bag
  • Stiff Carbon Net Arms
  • Durable Pointed Butt Cap
  • Plastic Spreader Block
  • Built-in Net Retainer
  • Sleek Nash Dwarf Branding
  • Built-in Velcro Strap for Transport
  • Isotope Slots on Spreader Block
  • Rigid Carbon Construction

1-Piece 6-Foot Telescoping Handle

Nash Dwarf Landing Net Handle

I was worried that this one-piece telescoping net handle wouldn’t be useful when folded down into its smaller form. There is a neat design feature with softer material near the spreader block threads that allow the bottom section to secure tightly for easy use from boats or in tight quarters.

Plastic Spreader Block

Nash Dwarf Landing Net Spreader Block

The spreader block design is similar to the Sonik Vader X Landing net I’ve used for years. Although made of plastic materials, the Nash Dwarf Landing Net Spreader Block seems a bit more durable and has a supple outer coating made of a rubbery material. This minor feature allows it to grip the net arms securely.

42 ” Soft Fish-Friendly Hex Mesh

Nash Dwarf Landing Net Mesh

The Nash Dwarf Landing Net comes with a 42” soft fish-friendly hex mesh that flows quite easily through the water. This allows for the quick and easy netting of fish while also providing fast dry times.

Grips on Net Handle Section

Nash Dwarf Landing Net Handle Grip

The Nash Dwarf Landing Net has a thicker Shrink Wrap Grip than most other carp fishing landing nets. It is bulkier and easier to hold on to than other similar nets we’ve reviewed.

Stiff Net Arms

Nash Dwarf Landing Net Arms

The net arms are made of stiff carbon material. One feature the Nash Dwarf Landing Net lacks is a soft coating on the net arm end caps. The Nash Dwarf Landing Net has a different design with a stiff round cap on the end of each arm to prevent damage to the mesh.

Draw Cord and Carry Bag

Nash Dwarf Landing Net Carry Bag

The Nash Dwarf Landing Net comes complete with a carry bag. Most other landing nets come with a waterproof bag, whereas the Dwarf net comes with a soft cloth bag. It is easy to get the net back into the bag, but it will leak during transport if it is recently used.

Although I’m used to the two-piece landing net handles, the telescoping design the Nash Dwarf Landing Net has is quickly becoming a favourite, and I highly recommend it.

Where to Buy the Nash Dwarf Landing Net?

I purchased my Nash Dwarf Landing Net through Johnson Ross Tackle, although I had to pay high shipping and import fees to Canada, it was the only online store I could find with the products in stock. I will list multiple locations to purchase the net so you can easily compare prices and choose what works best.

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