Munch Baits Bio Marine Review

In this review, we’re taking an in-depth look at the Munch Baits Bio Marine Range. This is one of the go-to baits for most anglers that are looking to offer a nutritious and natural attraction bait for carp fishing.

What’s So Great About the Bio Marine Range from Munch Baits?

The Bio Marine Range from Munch Baits has many different aspects that, when combined, create a powerhouse of attraction that carp can’t seem to resist. I’ve tested the Bio Marine baits quite extensively, and although I don’t normally like bad-smelling baits, this one sure put a lot of fish on the bank. I like that Munch Baits not only produces boilies in the range but also Wafters, Stick Mix, Liquid Food and Pop-Ups.

I have used this bait for over a year and watched carp feed for hours on my underwater camera. Below I shall detail how to use this bait effectively and what I’ve observed and learned in hopes of aiding others who wish to test this bait out for themselves.

Bio Marine Boilies

I find the boilies from Munch Baits to be some of the best quality carp baits on the market today. I am always impressed just how soft they are straight out of the bag; it’s hard to believe they are a shelf life boilie. They crush between the fingers very easily and almost feel as though they are still moist, a quality which most other shelf-life boilies lack. I believe this is due to the high-quality ingredients Munch Baits uses.

Munch Baits Bio Marine
Bio Marine 14 MM Boilies
ColourGreen / Brown
ScentSea Weed with a Hint of Fish
TextureSoft – Easily Chopped or Crushed
Bio Marine Boilie Characteristics

Packaging – The seal on the older bags from Munch Baits used to fail most of the time. I’m happy to report they have come out with new packaging that is thicker and better quality, which keeps baits in excellent condition for a longer duration when resealing.

I’ve used many different brands of boilies over the years, and these are quickly becoming my favourite and “go-to” boilie no matter what season it is.

Bio Marine Pop-Ups

With most baits I use from other companies, I find the pop-ups are almost identical to the boilies aside from the fact that they float. This is where the Munch Baits Pop-ups vary slightly from their competitors.

Bio Marine Pop Ups
Bio Marine 14 MM Pop-Ups
ColourWhite, Yellow and Pink
Scent Sea Weed with a Hint of Fish
TextureDense but Buoyant – Cannot Crush with Fingers
VisibilityHigh – Especially in Murky Water
Bio Marine Pop-Up Characteristics

Buoyancy – Super Buoyant – I’ve left these pop-ups in my underwater test tank for 24 days, and they were still as buoyant as they were out of the container.

Overall the Bio Marine Pop-Ups perform flawlessly. They have a hard texture that holds together when pierced with a baiting needle. I’ve used other pop-ups that have crumbled and cracked in the past, but there is no issue with this range. Another great aspect of this texture is that it absorbs and holds liquids and flavours very well while remaining super buoyant. For those of you that like to boost your hook baits, you must try these.

Bio Marine Wafters

A recent addition to my bait arsenal. I have had limited experience with these, but they provide a quick way of balancing out rig setups. They resemble the boilies from the Bio Marine Range but are lighter green. Perfect for anyone who uses a German Rig setup.

Bio Marine Wafters
Bio Marine 14 MM Wafters
ColourGreen with Black Flecks
Scent Sea Weed with a Hint of Fish
Bio Marine Wafter Characteristics

The Bio Marine Wafters have performed well for the amount that I’ve used them. They are a harder/drier bait than others in the Munch Baits Line up but do stay on rigs quite well.

Bio Marine Stick Mix

I find the majority of stick mixes that I use are very dry and powdery. I was shocked to find that the Bio Marine Stick mix had an almost moist touch to it straight out of the package. It packs together tightly, almost like a paste, yet crumbles and breaks down underwater like a powder. In my underwater tests, I’ve noticed that the bio marine stick mix and boilies also contain particles such as hemp seeds to further add to their attraction.

Bio Marine Stick Mix
Bio Marine Stick Mix
ColourGreen / Brown Black Flecks
Scent Sea Weed with a Hint of Fish
TextureSoft and Moist
Bio Marine Stick Mix Characteristics
  • Packaging – The Bio Marine Stick Mix has always come in a high-quality package for as long as I’ve used it. I see now that Munch Baits is now using the same packaging for its boilies.

The Bio Marine Stick Mix has two different properties that I find highly appealing. Not only does it provide a cloudy plume of attraction around your bait and up into the water column, but it also wafts out onto the bottom substrate around your bait, leaving a trail of attraction in the silt and sand for hours after your bait is gone.

Bio Marine Liquid Food

This was a product I didn’t intend to use as I’m not usually a big fan of liquids. I ordered some to see how it reacted underwater, and I am glad I did. This is now a staple in my bait bag on the bank. The Bio Marine Liquid food is a very dense liquid. I was very surprised it didn’t break down underwater in the tank test. It coats baits and does not wash off. This is a must if you’re searching for a liquid to coat your baits, especially in fast-flowing rivers where most liquids wash off within minutes.

Bio Marine Liquid Food
Bio Marine Liquid Food
ColourPale Brown
Scent Sea Weed with a Hint of Fish (VERY STRONG)
TextureDense Yet Oily
Bio Marine Liquid Food Characteristics

This is a very dense liquid. It is quite concentrated and has a powerful odour; be careful not to get any on your clothes or kit.

Tips to Gain the Most Attraction from the Bio Marine Range

Don’t be afraid to mix and match with other baits. Bio Marine pairs perfectly with corn and other particle baits. To get the most out of the Bio Marine Range, I like to crush and chop the boilies and add them to a freshly prepared bucket of maize and hemp seeds.

The corn and hemp will take on the same attractions that are infused into the Bio Marine Range. Pre-baiting with this mix of particles in the spring and fall made for some hectic sessions as the takes were non-stop.

Bio Marine Bait Range – Tank Test Review

If you’re looking for more information on the Bio Marine Range from Munch Baits and wondering just exactly how it performs underwater, check out this YouTube video where we drop it into the test tank.

Bio Marine Review and Tank Test

Not only will it show you how it reacts underwater but hopefully get your brain working on how you can implement it in your carp fishing sessions.