Carp Fishing Rod Line Clip – What is its Purpose?

Over the course of a carp angler’s lifetime, they will most likely own many different carp fishing rods. You may notice different aspects of each make and model as you look at new rods. You may notice a Carp Fishing Rod Line Clip on many carp fishing rods just above the reel seat. When my first set of true carp fishing rods arrived in the mail, even I stopped and thought, What is the purpose of these small clips?

Carp Fishing Rod Line Clip
Carp Fishing Rod Line Clip

What is the Purpose of a Line Clip on a Carp Fishing Rod?

The main function of a line clip on a carp fishing rod is to hold the line taught when your rod is used in conjunction with bite alarms and a rod pod or bank sticks. Before the advent of baitrunner reels, anglers would fish with an open bail arm. The line clip served to hold the line tight and prevent it from spooling off the reel.

Further below, this article will cover the subject in greater detail on when exactly you should use the line clip on your carp fishing rod. There are varying opinions on when it is necessary to use the line clip on carp fishing rods, if at all.

When Should You Use a Carp Fishing Rod Line Clip?

If the line clip on a carp fishing rod was solely used before the invention of bait-runner reels, why are they still in use today? Aside from their main function to keep the line from spooling off a reel with an open bail arm, line clips have been found to add other benefits to carp fishing setups as well.

With a Bolt Rig or Running Rig Setup

If you use a line clip in conjunction with a bolt rig or running rig setup, the added pressure of the line being in the clip will aid in hook sets when you do have a take.

To Know if You Had a Take During the Night

Sometimes we can sleep right through missed takes during the night. If the fish is on for a few seconds and pulls some line before it spits the hook it will pull the line out of the clip. When you check your rods you will be able to tell straight away whether your rig has been moved. Often times you will want to recast when this happens as your rig could be tangled or off the baited area.

To Aid with Bite Indication

When your line is in the clip at the base of your rod, it allows for your line to travel at a better angle through your bobbin and onto your bite alarm. This will allow more sensitivity in your setup and aid in detecting minor indications that would go unnoticed otherwise.

During Transportation

I made the mistake of clipping my hook onto the eyes of my fishing rod during transport. On my first two carp fishing rods, I ended up bending and damaging the eyes by doing this. I now bring my line back into the line clip and do a single wrap around it when I transport my rods.

When Fishing Close to Snags

If you’re targeting an area close to snags, you will more than likely set your drag tighter to prevent fish from running into the snaggy area. A line clip can come in very handy during these situations. When you set up your rods, pull off a few loops of line and place it in your line clip, this will allow for a few bleeps to go off on your bite alarm before the fish hits the locked up drag. This indication allows anglers to get to those locked up reels in the first few vital seconds of the battle, which is integral in these situations.

Why Don’t All Carp Fishing Rods Have Line Clips?

Although most carp fishing rods are still equipped with line clips during the manufacturing process there are some that are not. Some anglers think that they are outdated and a waste of space. For those that have rods without a line clip but still wish to use them, there are some companies that have created detachable line clips.

Here is a great example of how carp fishing rod line clips work.

The detachable line clips can sometimes be even more useful than built-in line clips. Since they are able to be positioned farther up the rod and nearer to the bait alarms, your line angle can be improved for greater indication. They can also be placed in a more optimal location for holding your line when your rod is not in use.

If you’re looking to buy a clip-on version, be sure to look at different makes and models that are available. It is always a good practice to read reviews as some are just held on by elastics and move around, causing frustration on the bank. It is best to spend the extra few dollars and pick up a quality clip that fits snugly and securely. The Gardner Sensi-Clip is one of the better versions that have UV-resistant O-Rings.

Are All Carp Fishing Rod Line Clips the Same?

No, they vary greatly from rod to rod. If the line clip on a carp fishing rod is an important part of your angling, be sure to inspect each rod carefully before purchasing. Much like all gear, price and quality go hand in hand. On cheaper rods, you will find line clips made from cheaper materials and poor engineering. Many factors vary from rod to rod; no two are the same; if you’re looking to upgrade or purchase your first set of rods, be sure to read this article on What to Look for in a Carp Fishing Rod.

I have heard many anglers state that using the line clip had damaged their line and caused lost fish. I can attest to the fact that on all of the carp fishing rods I have used in the past, each has had a slightly different style of line clip. Some hold the line tighter while others struggle to hold the line in when there is a light breeze.

Luckily as stated above if you find yourself with a line clip that you do not like, you can always purchase a clip-on version of your liking. There is not much to them so they are one of the most affordable pieces of kit available.