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Korda Tackle Box – In-Depth Review

We’ve all tried and tested multiple tackle boxes and storage ideas over the years. Always thinking, “Ok, this is the last tackle box I’m going to buy,” but there always seems to be something missing in the products we choose.

Whether it’s too big or bulky, the lids don’t secure the smaller components properly, compartments are just a bit too small or large, and it can be a challenge to find the perfect piece of kit to store all the bits a carp angler needs for making specialty rigs.

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Last year my search for the perfect Rig and Tackle Box ended, and I’m writing this review to encourage you to spend the extra money to purchase the Korda Tackle Box. It will save you money in the long run. I made the same mistake over and over, choosing cheaper alternatives but they all seemed to be missing a certain aspect of what I was looking for.

I can gladly say the Korda Tackle Box checks every box, as we will outline in this full review.

What Size is the Korda Tackle Box?

The Korda Tackle Box is Approximately: 10”(25.5cm) x 6.5”(17cm) x 2.5”(6.5cm). For me, this is a perfect size. It’s big enough to hold all the gear I need on a session and compact enough to fit inside my rod sleeve, ridge monkey bucket or bank bag for easy transportation.

Korda Tackle Box Length
Korda Tackle Box Length
Korda Tackle Box Open
Korda Tackle Box When Open
Korda Tackle Box Width
Korda Tackle Box Width

That common ground between being big enough to hold all your tackle yet small enough to transport easily is the main factor many other tackle boxes fail to accommodate.

What Can You Put in the Korda Tackle Box?

Another great feature of the Korda Tackle Box is its versatility. With many adjustable compartments, an angler can easily arrange the box to accommodate their specific needs. Although the Korda Tackle Box is made to hold the Korda End Tackle bits perfectly, you can easily adjust the bottom compartments to fit other brands such as Gardner, Ridgemonkey, Nash, PB Products, etc.

Korda Tackle Box Top
Korda Tackle Box Top Compartments

The amount of smaller compartments in the top section of the box allows me to store every little bit of end tackle I need on any given session. The items I currently have in my Korda Tackle Box are:

  • Ridge Monkey Braid Cutters
  • The Korda Krimp Tool
  • Various In-Line and Swivel Leads
  • Split Shot Weights, Back Leads and Putty
  • Various Hook Link Materials from Differing Brands
  • Lighter & Bait Floss
  • Baiting Needle Set
  • Knot Puller & Line Stripper Tool
  • Hook Sharpening Files
  • Premade Spinner Rigs
  • Krimps
  • Anti Tangle Sleeves, Kickers, Lead Clips, Hair Stops, Rubber Beads, Swivels, Quick Clips, Shrink Tubing, Bait Screws etc.
  • Various Packets of Hooks
  • Buoyant Fake Corn

Even with all these items in the box, there is still ample room to expand and add more items as needed.

Korda Tackle Box
Korda Tackle Box Bottom Compartment

The best feature is the height of the bottom compartment. Most other carp fishing tackle boxes are lower which can cause difficulties in storing larger items such as the Korda Krimp tool, braid cutters, pliers, forceps, etc. The height of the Korda Tackle Box allows plenty of room to accommodate bulkier items.

What Korda Compac Fits the Korda Tackle Box?

The Korda Tackle Box is made to pair perfectly with the Korda Compac 220. The tackle box fits snugly inside and allows enough clearance for a lead storage tray or similar. Everything you need in a simple storage solution.

Should You Buy the Korda Tackle Box or the Korda Tackle Box Bundle?

I purchased the Korda Tackle Box because the Bundle was not in stock at the time. If you can find it, the Korda Tackle Box Bundle is the better deal as you will save a lot of money upfront instead of purchasing the additional items afterwards.

Since you will most likely love this product as much as I do, you will likely upgrade to all the items included in the bundle.

Korda Tackle Box Pricing and Where to Buy?

As we normally do, we will add multiple links to purchase the Korda Tackle Box so you, the purchaser, can shop around and easily find the best price. I ordered mine online at Carpkit, but you can easily choose the best option below.

As you can see, the Korda Tackle Box is a high-demand product as it can easily be found at most online retailers.

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