Overhand Loop Knot for Carp Fishing

How to Tie an Overhand Loop Knot for Carp Fishing

Learning how to tie an overhand loop knot is one of the first and most basic skills a carp angler will learn. Learning to tie this type of knot in creating a simple hair rig is essential, but it also comes in handy for other situations.

How to Tie an Overhand Loop Knot

Let’s get right into the step-by-step process of How to Tie an Overhand Loop Knot for Carp Fishing. Then further on, we will get into the details of its uses.

How to Tie an Overhand Loop Knot
Overhand Loop Knot on a Hair Rig

1. Double Your Line Over

Overhand Loop Knot Step 1

First, double your chosen line over on itself to create the end loop section.

2. Make a Loop

Overhand Loop Knot Step 2

Secondly, loop the doubled-over line back around itself to form another loop.

3. Pass the End Through the Loop

Overhand Loop Knot Step 3

Thirdly Pass the end of the doubled-over line through the loop you made in step 2.

4. Pull Tight

Overhand Loop Knot Step 4

Finally, pull the knot tight and trim the tag end, and there you have a perfectly formed overhand loop knot.

To make tieing the Overhand Loop Knot easier, strip the coating off coated braid hook link materials and wet the line before tightening the knot.

How to Improve the Strength of an Overhand Loop Knot

If you decide to use an Overhand Loop Knot for more than just holding your bait on the end of a hair rig, then a few quick improvements must be made to improve its strength.

Make the Overhand Loop Knot Stronger

On step three, listed above, pass the line’s end back through the loop more times. Two or three loops will increase the knot strength considerably.

Another way to strengthen the Overhand Loop Knot is to tweak it and create a Figure of Eight Loop Knot with a simple line twist. It is better to use a figure of eight loop knot in situations with more strain on the knot.

Materials Used to Tie an Overhand Loop Knot

An Overhand Loop Knot can be tied out of any material, but some line and hook link materials will perform better, as outlined below.

Braided Line

Carp Fishing Hooklink Material

Braided main line or hook link materials are optimal for overhand loop knots. They are low in diameter and tighten down on themselves effectively.

Monofilament Line

Cygnet Carp Fishing Monofilament

Overhand Loop Knots can be used with a monofilament line. These knots often combine two lines, such as monofilament to braid.

Knot Puller

Carp Rig Knot Puller

A knot puller is recommended for tightening down Overhand Loop Knots. Knot Pullers will make the knots stronger and help prevent slips and injury.

Coated Braid

Korda Hooklink

Coated Braid works well for the Overhand Loop Knot but will work more effectively if the coating is stripped off of the end you tie the knot in.

Fluorocarbon Line

Best Fluorcarbon Rig Material

Like the monofilament line, Overhand Loop Knots can also be used on Fluorocarbon Line. Fluorocarbon tends to be thicker the knot strength won’t be as high.

Braid Cutters

Line Cutters

Braid or Line Cutters will be required to trim materials to optimal lengths and trim any leftover tag ends once the knot is complete.

Although the tools listed above are not required to tie an overhand loop knot, they simplify the process.

Uses for the Overhand Loop Knot

There are three main ways that I use the Overhand Loop Knot in my everyday fishing. I usually only use it to hold the bait on a hair rig but it is quite effective for a few other tasks.

The Hair Rig

Hair Rig Knotless knot

The overhand loop knot is ideal for the hair section on hair rigs. The loop allows a baiting needle to add bait to the hair.

Spomb or Marker Loop

Spomb Loop Overhand Knot

The Overhand Loop Knot can quickly attach and detach spombs, spods and marker leads without cutting your line.

Connecting Two Lines

Loop to Loop Knot

A third way to use the Overhand Loop Knot is to secure two lines together or your rig to your mainline.

As you can see, the Overhand Loop Knot is quite versatile and has many uses. Although it can be a bit weak in its basic form, with a few tweaks it can be strengthened to hold up to even the most strenuous situations.

Check out our Carp Fishing Rig Resource for great tips and tricks if you found this article helpful.

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