How to Tie a Knotless Knot for Carp Fishing

One of the easiest knots any carp angler will learn is the Knotless Knot. Funny enough, it’s not much of a knot but an effective way to hold your hook in place by wrapping the line around it.

The knotless knot is one of the first knots a carp angler will learn as it is used to tie Simple Hair Rigs, which are the most straightforward rig to tie, plus one of the most effective rigs for targeting carp.

Illustrated Guide on Tying the Knotless Knot

Let’s get right into the step-by-step illustrated process of tying the Knotless Knot.

1. Gather Your Materials

Hook Link and Hooks for Tying a Knotless Knot

You’ll need a few materials to tie a knotless knot. A complete list is included below, but for starters, get yourself a solid carp hook and braided hook link material.

3. Wrap the Line Around the Shank

Knotless Knot Step 3

Now take the line coming through the front of the eye of the hook. Pull the line back and wrap it around the shank and line coming out the back of the eye 6 to 10 times.

2. Feed the Line Through the Eye

Knotless Knot Step 2

Pinch the hook near the bend and start by threading your chosen hook link (line) material through the eye of the hook from back to front. Quick Tip: Wet the line if you have trouble sliding through the eye.

4. Feed the Line Through the Eye

Knotless Knot Step 4

Slide the line back through the eye of the hook from back to front. Sliding from back to front is important so the knot creates the proper hook angle as a fish picks up your bait.

5. Pull Tight

Knotless Knot Step 5

To ensure the knot is set properly and to prevent any slipping, it is recommended to wet the knot and pull tight with a knot puller ensuring not to slip and cause injury with the hook point.

    Knotless Knot Basics – Choosing the Best Materials

    A rig is only as good as the materials used to tie it. Although a knotless knot can be tied with easy-to-find materials such as any old fishing hook and monofilament line, it will perform much more efficiently when tied and paired with Proper Carp End Tackle.

    What Materials Do You Need to Tie a Knotless Knot for Carp Fishing?

    A hook and hook link material are required to tie Simple Knotless Knot Rigs. If you use it for more complicated rigs, a few other materials will be needed to tie things optimally.

    Carp Fishing Hook

    Carp Fishing Hooks

    A circle-type fishing hook will perform best for the knotless knot but any carp fishing hook will suffice.



    A lighter will be used for tying German or D-Rigs, as you will need to blob the cut end of your hook link material to prevent it from slipping back through the knotless knot.

    Carp Fishing Hooklink

    Carp Fishing Hooklink Material

    The hook link material you use will depend more on what type of rig you’re tying. For simple hair rigs, coated braid is best.

    Knot Puller

    Carp Rig Knot Puller

    A knot puller is recommended to prevent injury when tying specific fishing knots. They’re also more effective at tightening knots to increase their effectiveness and prevent slipping.

    Line or Braid Cutters

    Line Cutters

    A pair of line or braid cutters will be required to cut your chosen hook link material to the proper length.

    Baiting Needle

    Carp Fishing Baiting Needle

    Once tied, a baiting needle will be required to add bait to your Slip-D or Hair Rigs. Very fine baiting needles also help when sliding the hook link material through the eye of the hook.

      Choose the Proper Carp Hook

      Korda Krank X Hooks

      Although any hook will do, a hook specifically tailored to carp fishing will perform best. Carp hooks are designed to hook fish when they take your bait. For more on hook patterns and hook sizing for carp, check out our in-depth guide on Choosing the Right Carp Fishing Hook.

      Choose the Proper Carp Rig Material

      Korda Hooklink

      Much as any hook will work, any monofilament line will work, but specific carp fishing hook links perform better when tying knotless knots. What brand you use is up to you, but choose a supple or semi-stiff coated braid hook link. Check out our Recommended Carp Fishing Line for specific options.

      Is the Knotless Knot Strong?

      The Knotless Knot is very durable and reliable. Then why does it seem to get so much criticism? There are a few ways in which a knotless knot can fail, but it is most likely due to other factors, such as being tied improperly or using the wrong materials.

      Large Open Hook Eyes

      Open Eye Hook

      Huge hooks with open eyes are more likely to fail when used with knotless knots. The line can easily slide out from inside the eye.

      The Wrong Hooklink

      Wrong Line for Knotless Knot

      If you’re using the wrong hook link material or a very thin diameter line, it also has a greater chance of sliding out of the hook eye.

      Not Enough Wraps

      Knotless Knot Tied Improperly

      If you use six wraps or less on your knotless knot, it may become too weak. The number of wraps also affects the hook angle on hair rigs.

      I’ve never had any issues when using knotless knots in my carp angling, even when I first started targeting carp over 20 years ago and used a simple monofilament line and any old hook from my tackle box. Upgrading to carp-specific material increases rig mechanics and also catch rates.

      What Rigs are Most Commonly Used with the Knotless Knot?

      A Simple Hair Rig is the most common rig used in conjunction with the Knotless Knot. When you begin to learn the ins and outs of carp fishing rigs you will note that many knots are used to tie various rigs. Many anglers have their preferred knots and change rigs to suit their needs and abilities. As shown in the rigs listed below, the knotless knot is very versatile.

      How to Tie the Knotless Knot

      The Hair Rig

      Hair Rig Knotless knot

      The Knotless Knot is the central knot used to tie hair rigs. Simple and effective.

      The Slip-D Rig

      Slip D Rig Knotless knot

      The Knotless Knot can also form the “D Section” on a slip-D rig setup with fluorocarbon.

      The German Rig

      German Rig Knotless Knot

      To secure your hook link to a hook when tieing a German Rig the Knotless Knot is effective.

      For more information on other essential carp fishing knots and rigs, check out our Carp Fishing Rig Resource.