How to Record Aqua Vu UW Footage Feature

How to Record Video on an Aqua Vu Underwater Camera

A few years ago when I was looking to purchase an Aqua Vu Underwater Camera to record my carp fishing sessions for YouTube, I noted that the Aqua Vu HD Underwater Cameras allowed anglers to view the footage in real-time on HD screens, but was there an option to record the footage for later use?

How to Record Aqua Vu UW Footage Feature
How to Record Aqua Vu HD Underwater Footage

Can an Aqua VU HD Underwater Camera Record Video?

After much research and actually getting my hands on one of these Underwater Cameras, I can 100% confirm that they do have the ability to record underwater video but you will have to buy a few additional items to do this effectively.

The Underwater Cameras come equipped with an HDMI Out Port on the back of the screen so anglers can attach an external digital recording device. The device will allow users to capture the footage exactly as it happens on the screen.

Aqua Vu with Digital Recording Device Attached
Back of Aqua Vu Camera

What Additional Items Are Required to Record Video with an Aqua Vu HD Underwater Camera?

Aqua Vu HD Underwater Cameras are a big expense for the average angler. If you’re thinking of purchasing one solely for recording and sharing your fishing videos, take into account the prices of the additional items listed below that will also have to be purchased to capture the HD Footage.

  • AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable Digital Recording Device
  • Micro SD Card – 128GB – Class 10
  • HDMI Cable
  • External Power Source or Power Bank
Avermedia Front
Avermedia Digital Recording Device (Front)
Avermedia Rear
Avermedia Digital Recording Device (Rear)

These are the items I use but can be switched for any other that are similar. I use the Dakota Lithium Powerbox 10 as an external power source as I already had it as a backup power supply for the camera unit itself.

Note: if you opt for a different brand of Micro SD Card, just make sure it is a “Class 10” to record the HD footage of these underwater cameras.

How to Record Aqua Vu HD Underwater Footage?

Quick Video Showing the Recording Setup

Once you have the items listed above it’s really quite simple to record the video footage on the screen.

Step by Step Instructions for Recording Aqua Vu HD Underwater Camera Video:

  1. Ensure Micro SD Card is placed inside the Avermedia Digital Recording Device.
  2. Attach the HDMI Cable via the OUT Port on the Aqua Vu Underwater Camera with the IN Port on the Avermedia Digital Recording Device.
  3. Power up the Avermedia Digital Recording Device Via an External USB Power Source.
  4. Power on the Aqua Vu HD Underwater Camera.
  5. The Avermedia Digital Recording Device Light will show RED while loading, once it Turns BLUE it is ready to record. (This should only take 30 – 60 seconds.)
  6. Tap the button once on the Digital Recording Device, it will pulse RED while Recording.
  7. Tap the button again to stop recording, the light will return to BLUE.

How Much Space do Aqua Vu Recordings Take Up On the SD Card?

How big the actual videos files are that the Aqua Vu HD Underwater Camera records was one of my main questions. Now that I have used the unit for a while I will give some examples of some footage I have on it at the moment:

  • 2 Hours 40 Minutes = 19.36GB
  • 3 Hours = 21.7GB
  • 7.5 Hours = 54.6GB

You can see by these examples, the 128 GB Micro SD Card will record a full 12 hour day of footage. If you’re looking to film for longer durations I would highly recommend going with a 256 GB Micro SD Card or larger.

The exact unit I use is an Aqua Vu HD10i Next Gen recorded via the Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2.

I hope this information helps, these are the questions I had before I purchased the camera so I thought it best to compile the answers in one concise location for those in need.

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