Carp Fishing Bait Bomb

Homemade Bait Bombs for Carp Fishing

In this article, we look at Bait Bombs for Carp Fishing. Carp anglers are known to be pretty particular about their bait. Each angler has their own go-to bait that constantly puts fish on the bank. Luckily this Homemade Bait Bomb Recipe pairs perfectly with the bait anglers are already using.

Bait Bombs for Carp Fishing Recipe

I came up with the idea for this bait bomb recipe by watching my wife and kids make homemade bath bombs for the tub. The way the bath bombs reacted with the water and put out a ton of colour and oil made me think this would be great if adapted and used with carp bait ingredients.

Carp Fishing Bait Bomb Ingredients

Carp Fishing Bait Bomb Ingredients

One of the great things about this simple recipe is that some ingredients can be changed to match the bait you’re currently using. This bait enhances the effectiveness of your current bait by pushing the attraction further into the water column and area you’re targeting.

Baking Soda1/2 Cup to 1 Cup
Citric Acid1/2 Cup
Water1 Tsp
Himalayan Rock Salt1/2 Cup
Carp Fishing Liquid of Choice (Oil Based)5 Tsp
Food Colouring or GooOptional
Carp Fishing Bait Bomb Recipe

As you can see, it’s a pretty simple recipe and most ingredients are already in your kitchen or bait storage area. The ingredients will be wet once mixed thoroughly. At this point, form them into small crushable balls or tabs. I prefer to use a small-diameter PVA Funnel and Plunger. Let them dry before crumbling them into powder form. A blender or Korda Krusha works well for this task. Drying takes from 4 – 10 hours, depending on your mix. The powder can then be used in stick mixes or solid PVA bags for optimal effect.

How Do Bait Bombs for Carp Fishing Work?

Although the bait bombs can work effectively by creating a cloud of attraction in the water, they are optimally used by pairing them with other bait, such as stick mixes. The gasses and bubbles created by the bait bomb recipe will carry the other bait attractants high into the water column almost instantly.

How Bait Bombs React Underwater in the Test Tank

Carp anglers use expensive options, such as store-bought stick mixes and liquids, to move their bait up and down the water column. Homemade bait bombs can increase the movement quickly and efficiently. Although they don’t suit every carp fishing situation I find them to work quite effectively on large bodies of water where carp have many areas to cover while foraging for food.

How Long Does the Bait Bomb Powder Last Once Mixed?

Many carp baits are made from high-quality natural ingredients that can spoil quickly once prepared. Most baits are sealed in air-tight packaging to prevent moisture and mould from forming; with the Amount of Salt and Oil in the Bait Bomb Recipe, once made, it will last quite a while without spoiling. So you can prepare a batch before any session and use it as required.

To store it for long durations, one can vacuum seal it in advance or refrigerate it to keep it fresh for months.

There you have it, a simple, straightforward homemade carp fishing bait recipe that you can add to your arsenal and use with any bait you already have in your bait bag.

Bait Bomb Ingredients

With articles such as these, I hope to challenge anglers to think outside the box and test out new ideas. There is a lot of marketing used to make us think in certain ways and employ certain products but once in a while, we need to push that aside and use our own instincts and ideas to increase our success on the bank.

Bait Bombs for Carp Fishing

If you found this article helpful, check out our Carp Fishing Bait Resource for more detailed information.

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