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Hirisi S3 Bite Alarm Review

The Hirisi S3 Bite Alarms are the first time I’ve purchased a product from Ali Express, let alone reviewed it. I usually purchase and review products from the Big Brands in Carp Angling. I was curious to see how a product straight from the manufacturer would compare to other brand name alarms.

I picked up a set of the Hirisi S3 Alarms because when I first saw them, there was nothing out on the market quite like them. The innovative LED Array on the front is more advanced than any other alarm I’ve had my hands on.

Unboxing the Hirisi S3 Carp Fishing Bite Alarms

Video Review on the Improved Carp Angling YouTube Channel.

What I like most about the Hirisi S3 Alarms is the low cost for a 4+1 Set. It ticks all the boxes for must-have features on a bite alarm. Let’s dive into the finer details of the quality and features of these bite alarms.

Hirisi S3 Bite Alarm Pricing

The pricing is where the Hirisi S3 alarms really shine. These are some of the most cost-effective alarms on the market, especially for the quality they provide. Every single feature a carp angler could need in a very nice-looking affordable alarm.

Hirisi S3 Bite Alarm
Hirisi S3 Bite Alarm Price

Hirisi S3 Bite Alarm Main Features

Hirisi S3 Alarms
Hirisi S3 Bite Alarm Set
Tone Settings8 Levels
Volume Settings8 including Silent Mode
Sensitivity Settings8 Levels
LED ColoursRed, Blue, Green and Yellow
Anti-Theft SettingTwo Sensors that the Rod Rests Upon
Power ButtonHold Volume for 3 Seconds
Battery Type1 x 9v Battery
Hirisi Bite Alarm Features

The Hirisi Bite Alarms Run off a Magnetic Roller Wheel. There are two magnets on the roller wheel, depending on the alarm’s sensitivity settings. Each time the magnet passes the electronic sensor, it notifies the angler via an audible tone and visual LED light array.

  • Dropback Indication – The Hirisi S3 Bite Alarms come with an interesting dropback indication. The V-Shaped Arrow array of LED Lights on the front will light up from top to bottom, indicating a drop back. Aside from the lights these alarms also have a dedicated audible double-tone for dropbacks.
  • Take Indication – The Hirisi S3 Bite alarms have 8 adjustable tone/volume settings for take indication, the alarms V-Shaped array of LED lights also light up from bottom to top to indicate a take.

The Alarms have dedicated drop back and take indicators. The tone of the alarm and the LED light array will be different if your line plays out (a take) or moves backwards (a dropback); this is a must-have feature in a carp fishing bite alarm. It will notify you immediately when you have any movement on the end of your line and help you decide what actions you should take.

Hirisi S3 Reciever Features

Hirisi S3 Reciever 1
Hirisi S3 Reciever
Volume8 Levels
Tone8 Levels
LightsRed, Blue, Green and Yellow
Silent ModeYes
On / Off SwitchMiddle Button on Right Side
Battery Type3 x AAA Batteries
Hirisi S3 Receiver Features

The Hirisi S3 Reciever boasts many different functions, but it wasn’t until I started to play around with it that I realized just how advanced it is. I was pleasantly surprised that each of the four different alarms can be adjusted remotely via the receiver. Say you’re in the comfort of your bivvy, and you want to turn on the night light feature of each alarm? No problem, just grab the receiver and do it with a few clicks from the comfort of your bedchair.

The manual states that the alarms themselves are water-resistant and can be used in the rain, but it recommends that the receiver be kept as dry as possible. The receiver has the same matte black rubberized coating of alarms, and the only reason I can see that it wouldn’t be 100% water-resistant is the difference in the battery cover on the back. It clips into place instead of sliding in snugly like the alarms.

Hirisi S3 Bite Alarm Other Features

Hirisi S3 Feature
Hirisi S3 Bite Alarm Features

The most interesting feature of these alarms is the LED array on the front. When there is a take, the array lights up from bottom to top. Likewise, the array will light up from top to bottom when there is a drop back.

  • Quality – Nice soft matte black rubber weatherproof coating.
  • Batteries – Easy to access battery compartment, and each alarm takes simple to replace 9v Batteries. (Tip: Purchase Quality Lithium Batteries, and they will last many years.)
  • They Look Nice – A matte black soft rubber coating with super bright LED lights, these alarms fit the bill for carpy looks. Half the battle is looking good out on the bank, and these do just that.
  • Locking Collars – One Stainless and One Soft Rubber Locking Collar (washer), this makes setting them up very simple; no more fiddling with two stainless locking collars to line your alarms up. Snug it down to the rubber washer, and give it a turn until it lines up straight and you’re good to go.
  • Low Battery Warning – Once your batteries drop below a certain level, the alarms will notify you via the low battery LED on the front.
  • Lightweight and Compact – These alarms fit in carry bags with no problem. Some alarms can be big and bulky and a pain to transport. This entire set with receiver fits nicely within one compartment of my bivvy bag.
  • Night Light Feature – An often overlooked feature of these alarms, simply holding the w button, will activate the night light located on either side of the magnetic roller wheel. This is a great feature for lighting up your alarms, so you know exactly where your setup is at all times during the night.
  • Compatible Port for Illuminated Bobbins – As with many other alarms, the Hirisi S3 Alarms come with a small 2.5 mm port on the bottom corner. This is for illuminated bobbins or swing arms. A sought-after feature that most anglers must-have.
  • Anti Theft Function – The W button that activates the night light mode is also used for activating the anti-theft feature these alarms come equipped with.
  • Removable Snag Ears – The set also comes standard with removable snag ears for each alarm. Although the alarms themselves have a sturdy rod seat, the option for attaching Snag Ears is an added bonus.

Hirisi S3 Bite Alarm Pros and Cons

Lightweight and CompactBattery Compartments Difficult to Open / Close
Durable Storage / Carry CaseBattery Cover Weak and Breaks Easily
Removable Snag Ears IncludedBattery Compartment Very Tight
Reciever Can Adjust Each Alarm RemotelyAlarms Do Not Fit in Storage Case With Snag Ears
Very Affordable for a Complete 4+1 Alarm SetSnag Ear Threads May Strip Over Time
Perfect for BeginnersNo Option to Purchase All Alarms in One Matching Colour
Hirisi S3 Bite Alarm Pros and Cons

The main drawback and reason for the 4-star review are the battery compartments on these alarms. I simply applied pressure to slide the battery cover off when I first received them, the first cover snapped and crumpled inwards. I was much more careful with the other alarms and pulled gently from the bottom.

Secondly, the batteries are very tight fitting. You require a soft plastic tool to pry the batteries out once in place. Be careful not to puncture the batteries as they are being taken out.

Hirisi S3 Alarms 2
Cons of the Battery Compartment on the Hirisi S3 Alarms

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