Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod V2

Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod V2 – In-Depth Review

I recently purchased the Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod V2, and must say, I am quite impressed with this product straight out of the box. I’ve always been a fan of Cygnet products, every piece of Cygnet kit I own has stood the test of time and is still going strong. I am quickly becoming a strong believer in paying a bit more for quality gear that will last.

How Durable is the Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod V2

The most impressive thing about this weigh tripod is its quality materials and durability. You can get a closer look at the construction and how it holds up to weighing very heavy things in the YouTube video linked below.

Cygnet Sniper Wigh Tripod V2 Video Review

We try to keep our video reviews short, entertaining and packed full of information for those ordering items online and unable to get hands-on experience.

Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod V2 Features

Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod V2
Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod V2 Level Bubble

Durable Materials and Construction

I was impressed with this product right out of the box. It is made from solid materials and will stand the test of time. I’m a big fan of paying a little extra to buy quality items that will last. Cygnet products really are quality.

25 mm Aluminum Construction

Most parts are made from lightweight yet durable aluminum. The two most important factors for a carp angler. This will ensure the product stands up to years of use and abuse but still make it nice and light for transporting on the bank.

Stainless Steel Weigh Hook

The hook on this tripod is made from stainless steel, very durable and will hold up to any fish you put on it, I even tested it up to 160lbs, and my sling broke before the tripod!

Solid Metal Block

Although this makes the overall product a bit heavier, it is nice to see a solid metal block on the top aside from plastic or other cheaper materials that some other companies opt for to cut costs.

Cygnet Sniper Quick Clips
Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod V2 Quick Adjustment Tabs

Additional Features

Most tripods are fairly basic and can be cumbersome to transport and set up. The Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod V2 has some innovative features. Although they may seem small, they do simplify things on the bank significantly.

Quick Clip Adjustments

Each leg of the tripod comes equipped with easy-to-use yet durable quick clips for one-touch leg adjustment. Push the clip, and the inner leg falls to the proper height. Same when packing up. Just push the clips in and slide the legs away.

Carry / Storage Bag

This weigh tripod has a 500D carry bag and plastic protectors for the feet. This is an important factor due to the feet being pointed and sharp. The carry bag and plastic protectors will ensure it doesn’t damage your rod sleeve or other gear while in transport.

Threaded Bubble Level

You will note the top of the tripod comes with a threaded Level Bubble for easily levelling the tripod to ensure even weight distribution. The bubble level is also removable, so you can use it on Banksticks and Rod Pods.

Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod V2 Size

The size of a weigh tripod can be a major deciding factor. The Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod V2 shrinks down to a nice compact size for transportation when not in use and also extends to a very high height to accommodate even XXL weigh slings without issue.

Cygnet Sniper Carry Bag
Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod V2 Carry Bag
In Use / TransportHeightWidth
Storage / Transport48”5”
In Use / Erect75”64”
Weight4.5 lbs2.4 kg
Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod V2 Dimensions

As you can see, the Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod V2 construction is quite impressive. It remains stable and strong even when extended to its full height of over 6′. If you participate in virtual events or tournaments like I do, a tripod such as this will simplify the process of weighing and documenting large fish.

Where to Buy the Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod V2

I’m sure these will sell out quickly at local retailers as I believe they are the best quality weigh tripod on the market right now.

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More information on the Cygnet Sniper V2 Weigh Tripod

If you’re still unsure about this product’s quality and specifications, be sure to check out the promotional video by cygnet linked below or the Product Specifications on the Cygnet Tackle Website.

Cygnet Wiegh Tripod Promo Video

We hope this quick review of the Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod V2 helps you decide if it is the right product for your angling. Check out our Product Reviews for more information on other carpy products.

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