Cygnet Carp Landing Net Review

In this review, we’re looking at the Cygnet Carp Landing Net. If you’re new to carp angling and looking to save a few bucks on a proper carp landing net. This is the net for you. Cygnet has released a few nets in the past, such as the Sniper and CT Models, but this time, they hit the nail on the head at this price point.

If you’ve used the Sonik Vader X Landing Net before, this version Cygnet has released is very similar in style. There are four main differences that I can see. Those being an Upgraded Mesh, Different Branding, Two Shrink Wrap Grips and a much smaller price tag.

Cygnet Carp Landing Net Features

For a Carp Landing Net targeted at a budget price point, the Cygnet Carp Landing Net has all the features and durable construction you need. The only real downside that I can see is the plastic spreader block. I’m used to using these types of nets and take great care when setting the net up and using it, so they do last a long time. If you’re rough with your gear, you may want to look for something with a more durable spreader block.

  • 2-Piece 6-Foot Handle
  • 42” Soft Fish Friendly Olive Mesh
  • Shrink Wrap Grips on Both Net Sections
  • Supplied with Draw Cord and Carry Bag
  • Stiff Carbon Net Arms
  • Engraved Cygnet Logo on Butt Cap
  • Plastic Spreader Block
  • Built-in Net Retainer
  • Sleek Cygnet Branding
  • Compatible Net Float Sold Separately
  • Soft Rubber End Caps on Net Arms
  • Rigid Carbon Construction

2-Piece 6-Foot Handle

Cygnet Landing Net 2 piece Handle

I love Landing Nets with two-piece handles. They pack down for easier transport and storage, plus they are much easier to use with just one section from a boat or in conjunction with baiting spoons.

42 ” Soft Fish-Friendly Hex Mesh

Cygnet Landing Net Hex Mesh

The Cygnet Carp Landing Net has a slightly different design to its mesh than most other carp landing nets. It boasts a large diameter hex mesh on the sides to enable easier movement through the water but also has a smaller fish-friendly hex mesh on the bottom to help support fish without damaging scales or fins when lifting them to a mat or cradle.

Stiff Net Arms / Rubber End Caps

Cygnet Landing Net Arms

The net arms are made of stiff carbon material and come equipped with soft rubber end caps to prevent damage to the hex mesh netting. They slide effortlessly into the moulded spreader block.

Plastic Spreader Block

Cygnet Landing Net Spreader Block

The spreader block design is much similar to the Sonik Vader X landing net that I’ve used for years. Although made of lesser material, I’ve been impressed with how well they hold up.

Grips on Both Net Handle Sections

Cygnet Landing Net Grip Handles

Unlike other carp landing nets, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Cygnet Carp Landing Net had Grips on both net sections. So if you’re using just the smaller 3-foot section from a boat, it will be less likely to slip out of your hands. When using both sections, the grips align with both your hands for added comfort and use.

Draw Cord and Carry Bag

Cygnet Landing Net Carry Bag

The Cygnet Landing Net came complete with a carrying bag and drawcord. This allows for easier storage and transport when slipping it into rod sleeves.

So if you’re looking at buying your first dedicated carp landing net or just a solid backup, I highly recommend the Cygnet Carp Landing Net.

Where to Buy the Cygnet Carp Landing Net?

I purchased my Cygnet Carp Landing Net through Carpkit. I will list multiple locations to purchase the net so you can easily compare prices and choose what works best.

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