Cold Water Green Beast Bait Review

Cold Water Green Beast – Bait Review

In this article, we’re taking an in-depth look at the Cold Water Green Beast Range of Baits from DT Bait Developments. Most other articles out there seem to go over the basics of the bait and don’t delve into many specifics as to why this bait performs so well in cold water.

DT Baits is known for creating some of the highest-quality baits on the market. Always opting for the highest level ingredients in every bait range they produce. This aspect of the company is what drew my attention to them in the first place, and decided to give their baits a thorough testing.

Nathan Cutler holding Carp Caught on Cold Water Green Beast Bait
Big Carp Caught in Winter

It’s taken me quite a while to write this bait review. I’ve successfully used the Cold Water Green Beast Range for over a year now and can attest to its effectiveness in not only Cold Water but Warm Water months as well. There are a few downsides to this bait I will touch on further in this article, but as you will see, the positives far outweigh the few negatives I experienced.

Carp Caught on Cold Water Green Beast
Many Carp Caught in Summer

The most difficult part about testing DT Baits is deciding which Flavours and Ranges to begin with. They all seem to be highly soluble and naturally attractive to carp. One way I usually decide which bait to begin with is by a simple smell test. If it has a pleasant aroma and doesn’t stink up the vehicle too badly, then I will be less likely to get into trouble with the misses. This is the main factor that should concern any angler, and to my surprise, most of the Baits from DT Baits fit this bill.

How Does Cold Water Green Beast Out Perform Other Baits in Cold Water Specifically?

My first thoughts were that “Cold Water Bait” sounded kind of gimmicky and just a marketing tactic to sell some bait in the early spring, late fall and winter. With some further research, I quickly discovered that the Cold Water Green Beast Bait Range is actually designed and formulated to be better for fish in cold water conditions. This is a bonus for anglers, carp and lake owners. An all-around winning combination.

Cold Water Green Beast Pop-ups in use

Coldwater Green Beast is specially formulated to break down quicker in colder water than other baits. This aspect increases catch rates in a few different ways, as outlined in the points below.

Stimulates a Quick Feeding Response

As the Cold Water Green Beast Bait range is designed to break down in colder water quicker than other baits, it will release more attraction into the water column, thus stimulating carp to feed quicker and result in more bites during the shorted feeding windows of the cold water months.

Cold Water Green Beast Boilies
Coarse Texture of Cold Water Green Beast Boilies

At first look, you can tell that the Cold Water Green Beast boilies have a more coarse texture than the normal smooth round boilies were used to seeing. This coarse outer coating allows the boilies to readily accept glugs and liquid attractants. Not only do they absorb the liquids quicker, but this also increases the surface area of the boilie, making them disperse the attraction into the water column quicker.

Easier for Fish to Digest in Cold Conditions

We all know carp slow down in cold water. Their metabolisms slow down, thus making them more lethargic and less likely to move about and actively feed. During this time, we should opt for a higher quality bait that will offer more reward for the energy the fish are expending.

The easier digestion also means it will pass through fish quicker, which will, in turn, entice them to actively seek out more food. Obviously, the more fish feed, the greater the chances are for a rare wintertime bite when opting to use bait such as Cold Water Green Beast.

High-Quality Ingredients

Cold Water Green Beast Bait

The Cold Water Green Beast Boilies are touted to have the highest level ingredients, so carp will immediately recognize it as a high-value food source.

  • High Levels of Milk Proteins and Textured Ingredients.
  • Whey Powder and Calf Milk Replacement.
  • Fruity & Creamy Aroma that I can best explain as a mix of Black Currant with a hint of Menthol.

What’s in the DT Baits Cold Water Green Beast Bait Range?

I love the fact that I can combine different tactics with different baits of the same flavour to achieve the optimal amount of attraction to catch more fish. DT Bait Developments’ slogan of “Premium Carp bait for the Dedicated Angler” holds true in this aspect.

DT Bait Developments – Cold Water Green Beast Baits

Another aspect that drew me to DT Baits was not only the quality of ingredients they use in their baits but also the complete lineup of baits in each range. Many companies produce a boilie range of different sizes in a certain flavour. DT Baits goes the extra mile by ensuring they produce a myriad of products for every flavour of bait.

Cold Water Green Beast Boilies

Cold Water Green Beast Boilies

High-quality boilies in a range of different sizes. I opted for 1kg bags of 18mm boilies. Many of my cold weather swims hold waterfowl in large numbers. The bigger boilies ensure the smaller birds won’t be able to eat them before the fish do.

Cold Water Green Beast Bait Spray

Cold Water Green Beast Bait Spray

I’ve never been a big fan of bait sprays. Although in cold water conditions where bites are few and far between, I’ve found it a boost to my confidence to be able to add that extra bit of concentrated attraction to hook baits and PVA Sticks.

Cold Water Green Beast Boilie Dip

Cold Water Green Beast Boilie Dip

I was impressed at the DT Baits range of boilie dips. Dipping your hook bait before casting it out can seem like a waste of time, but the speed at which this stuff rises to the surface and make a smooth oil slick is quite impressive.

Cold Water Green Beast Pop-Ups

Cold Water Green Beast Pop-Ups

The Cold Water Green Beast Pop-Ups come in various sizes and colours. I’ve had the most success on the washed-out yellow 15 mm pop-ups.

Cold Water Green Beast Pellets

Cold Water Green Beast Pellets

The Cold Water Green Beast range provides various sizes of pellets. Pellets are great when combined with boilies. I blanket a small area with both boilies and pellets. Boilies for a high-reward food source and pellets to keep the fish actively searching.

Cold Water Green Beast Boosted Baits

Cold Water Green Beast Boosted Hookbaits

Soaked for longer durations with some added attractors, I’ve had great success year-round with the Green Beast Boosted Hook Baits. It has quickly become my go-to bait. I usually end up with pots of expired hook-baits, but this one gets used quickly.

Cold Water Green Beast DNA Liquid

Cold Water Green Beast DNA Liquid

If you enjoy using mainly particles for pre-baiting areas, the DNA Liquids from DT Baits are a must. If I opt for a corn-heavy approach to prepare a swim in advance, I will add a heavy dose of DNA Liquid while the corn is still hot after boiling.

Cold Water Green Beast Stick Mix

Cold Water Green Beast Stick Mix

No bait range is complete without a dedicated stick mix to match. The added attraction of small PVA sticks with each cast is a game changer.

Tom McGregor from DT Baits Covers the Range in this Quick Video

These are the baits I was able to order and get my hands on here in Canada. There are other types of baits available such as wafters, dumbells and pure extracts for creating your own baits with the Cold Water Green Beast flavouring. For their full lineup, be sure to check out all the items on the DT Bait Developments Website.

The Downsides of the Cold Water Green Beast Baits

The main downside to the Cold Water Green Beast Boilies and Hook Baits is that they’re a little too soluble. I’m a big fan of using bait screws, and many times upon reeling in the regular boilies and boosted hook baits, I found that the baits had broken down and fallen off.

This is an easy fix though. I just had to adjust my tactics to use hair rigs or bait floss when using these types of bait. The pop-ups, wafters and hardened hook baits don’t have this issue, so if you’re dead set on using bait screws, you always have an available option. I suppose this isn’t really much of a downside but just something to be aware of for those that are new to the bait.

For more information, be sure to check out more of our Reviews or our Carp Fishing Bait Section.

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