What is the best carp fishing Rig?

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Anglers can use many different Carp Fishing Rigs to increase their catch rates depending on the conditions they’re facing. Specialty Carp Rigs can seem complicated and intimidating to new anglers, but we will outline just how simple and effective they can be in the detailed tutorials below.

Pre Tied vs Do It Yourself Carp Rigs?

Both have their pros and cons. Pre Tied Carp Rigs are great for those with little experience or time to prepare before a session.

Tying your rigs can be more rewarding as you have more control over details such as hook type, hook link strength and detailed rig mechanics.

Whichever method you choose the detailed articles and tutorials in this resource will aid in your journey to master each.

Carp Fishing Rigs

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Improved Carp Angling
Carp Fishing Hooks

What to Look for in a Carp Fishing Hook?

Choosing which hook to use for carp fishing can be a personal preference. There are many different styles and types to choose from. It can initially seem overwhelming, but after reading this detailed article, your decision will be much easier.

Terminal Tackle Guide

Beginners Guide to Carp Fishing End Tackle

Tail Rubbers, Hook Beads, Lead Clips, Shrink Tubing and more. Specialty Carp Fishing Terminal Tackle can sometimes be complicated for new anglers. In this simple guide, we explain each piece in detail.

Guide to Carp Fishing Leads and Weights

Guide to Carp Fishing Leads and Weights

The proper lead setup can make or break any carp fishing session. From holding your rig in place to providing the appropriate hook set, carp fishing leads come in various shapes and forms. In this guide, we cover various leads and setups.

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Improved Carp Angling

How to Tie the Knotless Knot

One of the first knots a carp angler will learn to tie is a simple knotless knot. It’s used to tie many rigs including the Hair Rig, the D-Rig and the German Rig as outlined in this video.

Guide to Crimping Carp Rigs

Although it requires more materials, crimping carp rigs can rapidly and effectively tie strong boom-style rigs. This video covers the basics and materials needed.

What Tackle Box to Use for Carp Rigs

There are many different rig boxes made by different manufacturers. Although they all look quite similar I’ve found the Korda Tackle Box to be the easiest to use and most durable.

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