If you’ve read our article on How to Choose the Proper Power Bank for Carp Fishing and are ready to make your choice, I will outline below Improved Carp Angling’s top 4 Power Banks to help you narrow down the selection.

The top three power banks covered below will be:

It was very hard to rank these power banks from best to worst. They are all very good quality products. They vary in size and price. I will describe each unit in further detail and point out the pros/cons and what situation each unit is best suited for.

DeWalt USB Power Source – DCB090

DeWalt Power Source Feature

I use the DeWalt USB Power Source for short trips or only to charge my phone and essential pieces of kit. It is compatible with any 12c or 20v DeWalt Batteries used for their cordless tool range. Ideal for the handyman or construction worker who has many of the 20v or 20v Max batteries on hand. The unit has 2 USB ports and clips on top of the DeWalt Rechargeable batteries. A single 20v Battery fully charged will charge my iPhone many times over.

DeWalt USB Power Source:

Another handy feature of this unit is that it has a power level gauge on the top. It will let you know how much power is left in your batteries.

Not only do I take this unit fishing it is also small enough for hiking, back-country camping, long road trips, overnight boat trips and power outages.

Ridge Monkey Vault C-Smart Power Bank

The only con to this unit is its price tag. In my opinion, it is well worth it, the High End best power bank money can buy on the market today. Small form factor, yet incredibly powerful.

  • Packs a WHOPPING 24Ah @ 12v or 77,850mAh @ 3.7v!
  • Beautifully designed weatherproof outer shell.
  • Available in Gunmetal Grey or Green.
  • C-Smart charging port – the next generation of USB charging capabilities. Charges way faster and more efficiently than other units.
  • Twin 5v 3A USB-A Ports.
  • 12v DC Cigar type output for all your favourite electronics.

This unit will be able to last many sessions before needing to be recharged. Not only does it have a massive amount of storage, but it is also one of the quickest charging power banks on the market today. If you do purchase this unit it will last a very long time.

Mastercraft Nautilus 800A Recreational Power Pack

Boat Power Bank

This is my main unit when I am fishing in my boat or near my vehicle. It is fairly large and heavy so you wouldn’t want to have to carry it very far.

It has everything you could wish for in a power bank. I waited until it went on sale at Canadian Tire and got it for about 60% of the normal retail price. I use this unit as a back up for my Aqua Vu HD10i Underwater Camera. The 10” HD screen can drain my camera’s battery pretty quick, with this unit as a back up I can view and record footage all day without having to worry about conserving power.

Aside from powering my equipment this unit can also:

  • Boost vehicles or outboard motors.
  • Be used for navigation with built-in red and green marine navigation lights.
  • Built-in air compressor for filling trailer or vehicle tires in emergencies.
  • Power my Electric Trolling Motor in the event that my boat battery dies.
  • Provide LED lighting with its included LED light for late night or early morning sessions.

It is about the size and weight of a normal car battery and comes packed with a staggering 33Ah’s of use.

And there you have it, my top picks to power all your equipment for those very enjoyable long sessions on the bank.