Recommended Carp Fishing Line

With the seemingly limitless amount of options on the market for carp fishing line, choosing a decent quality product can be quite the daunting task. If you’re unsure what characteristics to look for be sure to read this Guide to Choosing a Quality Carp Fishing Line.

If you already know all about carp fishing line and are looking for recommendations you’ve come to the right place. Below I will list the specific carp fishing lines that I use. These are quality lines that have held up to big fish year after year.

Carp Fishing Lines Covered Below are:

  1. Recommended Braided Mainline.
  2. Recommended Monofilament Mainline.
  3. Recommended Hook Link Rig Material.

I now use 50 lb Power Pro Braided Mainline, I find it a little cheaper and more readily available on amazon then the Spiderwire braid I used to use below.

Carp Fishing Line Braid

Spiderwire Braided Stealth Superline is my go-to Carp Fishing Line. I have used it for years without any issues.

  • Line Strength – 50 lb. Test.
  • Line Colour – Moss Green.
  • Line Weight – Sinks quickly and contours nicely to the bottom substrate.

Spiderwire 1500 yd. 50 lb. Braid Mainline:

This line has zero stretch which suits my fishing needs perfectly. The no stretch characteristics allow for greater bite indication and ease with directing powerful fish away from dangerous snags.

The Korda Monofilament can be hard to find in North America, an excellent alternative that’s recommended by many carp anglers is the Berkley Big Game Line.

Carp Fishing Line Korda

For years I relied upon Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Line for targeting carp, it is a strong line that held up well when fighting big fish.

Recently I have been able to buy Korda Sub Line and highly recommend it. It is tailored more towards carp anglers than other lines on the market.

Korda Subline – Green:

  • Line Strength – 20 lb. Test.
  • Line Colour – Korda Subline comes in two colours, Sub Green and Sub Brown. This will help the line blend into the environments you’re targeting.
  • Line Weight – Subline is specially designed to sink quickly and rest on the bottom better than other monofilament lines.

I always keep two different types of hook link material in my rig kit for tying up my own rigs. I really enjoy making little tweaks here and there then watching carp react to them on my underwater camera.

There have been many occasions where I’ve watched fish after fish test and spit my rig, it’s amazing how a few simple adjustments to your rig can result in much more fish on the bank.

Before I discovered these products I just used normal braided mainline to tie my rigs. With normal line, there is a greater chance of it coming back and entangling with itself mid cast. Using a hook link material is much more efficient and saves a ton of time on the bank.

Carp Fishing Hooklink

Korda Soft N-Trap Coated Hooklink Material:

  • One of the best materials I have found for rig tying. It has a slight coating which gives it a waxy texture. It is stiff enough to prevent tangles yet still has enough movement to present a natural-looking bait.
  • Easy to knot and saves you from having to spend time to strip the coating off with coated hook links.
Stiff Hybrid Hooklink

Korda Hybrid Stiff Coated Braid:

  • Coated Braid is stiffer than a regular braided line. This will prevent rig tangles while casting.
  • To attain natural movement in your rigs with stiff line simply strip a portion of the coating near your hook. This will allow boilies to move more naturally when carp are around.