Best Carp Fishing Leads and Weights

Best Carp Fishing Leads and Weights

There are many different styles and types of Carp Fishing Leads, which makes it hard to choose which specific lead to buy. I will recommend the Best Carp Fishing Leads and Weights found in my rig box below. I selected multiple types of weights because I change them depending on the typical conditions I face.

If you’re still having trouble deciding which lead to use, check out our Guide to Carp Fishing Leads and Weights, which outlines the purpose of each lead and when they should be used.

I have used a lot of carp fishing leads over the years, from simple to complicated setups. I have found over the years that I use two different leads 99% of the time while carp angling. The other 1% of the time is usually when I’m testing out some new lead that turns out to be more attractive to the carp angler due to its flashy appearance and marketing than its actual use.

Stonze Fishing Weights

The Stonze Fishing Weights are my go-to fishing weight for most locations I fish. Most of the time, I fish areas within a few rod lengths of the shore. As an angler and outdoor enthusiast, I chose the Stonze Carp Fishing Weights for the ability to drop my weight in the event of a take without the worry of leaving toxic lead in the water.

Stonze Fishing Weights

Stonze Fishing Weights come in various sizes to suit the conditions you’re facing. Smaller sizes for margin areas close to shore where stealth or concealment is important and larger sizes for areas at range, or where better hooksets are required.

Stonze SizeStonze Weight
SmallUp To 1.5 oz
Medium1.5 oz – 2.5 oz
Large2.5 oz – 3.5 oz
XL3.5 – 5.5 oz
XXL5.5 – 7.5 oz
Stonze Carp Fishing Weight Sizing and Weights

Stonze Back Leads

Although they aren’t made of lead, Pallatrax also makes “Back Leads” out of stone. These are some of the easiest back weights I’ve used to pin down my line.

Stonze Back Leads

My go-to Back Leads for carp fishing are also the Stonze Weights. As they are also dropped from time to time in the event of a take or snag, I enjoy having the peace of mind of knowing that I haven’t left any lead in the water. The Stonze Back Weights are easy to use and apply with two different styles of clips.

If I’m fishing at long distances or in rivers with heavy currents, I will opt for one of the carp fishing lead options below and choose not to drop it in the event of a take.

Cygnet Clinga Leads

When I’m faced with heavy currents or steep drop-offs, I will opt to use one of the Cygnet Clinga Carp Fishing Leads. These leads will hold my bait and rig exactly where I place it without worrying about it drifting or sliding downstream or into snags.

Cygnet Clinga Carp Fishing Leads

Another great feature of the Cygnet Clinga Leads is that they have a deep groove where the Cygnet logo is stamped into the weight. This is perfect for those that enjoy using pack bait or paste from time to time. The Clinga Leads don’t only cling onto the bottom well, but they also excel at clinging to pack baits.

Cygnet Distance Swivel Leads

My number one choice for fishing at long distances is the Cygnet Distance Swivel Leads. Unlike some similar brands of distance leads, the Cygnet Distance Leads have an added swivel attached to the top. This allows for greater movement and prevention of line twists. Any lead that helps prevent line twists at a distance when more line is in the water is a must-have feature.

Cygnet Swivel Distance Carp Fishing Lead

The Cygnet Distance Swivel Leads also have a more pronounced “point” on the front of them. I find this helps them travel through the water column quicker and embed themselves deeper in the bottom substrate. The further your lead can penetrate silty and sandy bottoms, the better it will be at setting the hook hold when there is a take.

Tungsten Putty

Another great lead alternative is using Tungsten Putty to pin your rigs to the bottom for concealment. Split shot weights are a good option, but if pinched too hard can damage the rig material and cause crack-offs. Split shots are also made of lead and, when lost in the water, are bad for the environment.

Tungsten Putty for Carp Fishing

There are different brands of Tungsten Putty on the market that are available from many top manufacturers of carp fishing gear; for the most part, they are the same. I use the Aptus Tungsten Putty as I order most of my end tackle from them, and it’s easy to tack on the Putty when I need a refill.

Aptus is known for its environment-first approach to fishing tackle packaging. An issue I’ve often looked to provide alternatives to myself. I am happy to support them as it is the road less travelled but something I strongly believe in.

Marker Leads and Weights

The final type of Carp Fishing Lead that is always in my rig box is the Cygnet Marker Fishing Lead. These are perfect for scouting new carp fishing spots to determine depth and bottom substrate.

Cygnet Marker Leads

It’s great to purchase the Cygnet Marker Leads in a multi-pack of three sizes. You can swap them out easily to choose the one that fits the distance and venue you’re currently fishing. These leads work great for casting alone or in tandem with marker lead setups.

As you can see, I have a mix of leads and weights for any session. I can easily swap them to provide the optimal setup for the conditions I’m faced with.

There are many other great options for Carp Fishing Lead Setups on the market, and the amount to choose from can sometimes be challenging. This is just one of many great educational resources found online. I hope it has helped narrow down your decision.