Carp Fishing Leads and Weights

There are many different types of carp fishing leads, which makes it hard to choose which specific lead to buy. I will recommend the top three leads/weights that I use. I selected three weights because I change them depending on the typical conditions I face.

If you’re still having trouble deciding which exact lead to use, be sure to check out the Guide to Carp Fishing Leads and Weights that outlines the purpose of each lead and when they should be used.

I have used a lot of carp fishing leads over the years from simple to complicated setups. I have found over the years that I use two different leads 99% of the time while I am carp angling. The other 1% of the time is usually when I’m testing out some new lead that turns out to be more attractive to the carp angler due to its flashy appearance and marketing than it’s actual use.

The top three types of leads/weights that I recommend for carp fishing are:

Fox Carp Fishing Lead

Fox Kling-On In-Line Lead

This is my go-to lead. It is very versatile and suits almost any situation I face while targeting carp.

It comes in different colours such as brown, silt or green to blend in with the bottom substrate of any body of water.

I used to rely solely on the Fox In-Line Paste Bomb but found it didn’t stay put on rivers with a strong current that I began to target. The grips on the Kling-On Lead solved this issue and kept my rig fishing exactly where I wanted it.

Although the main design of the Kling-On lead doesn’t serve for holding pack bait these leads still do an extremely great job of holding a decent amount of bait. I find when I mix my pack baits a little thicker they will stay on the Kling-On leads all the way to the bottom, this is even more important on rivers with strong water flow.

The Kling-On In-Line leads come equipped with a very durable rubber insert. This protects the line and even holds up to the braided mainlines that I employ. With other brands of leads, I find that sometimes the braided line will cut the rubber insert and wedge itself in the soft rubber. This can cause running and semi-fixed rigs to fail and was a significant concern for me.

Fox In-Line Paste Bomb Fishing Lead

Fox In-Line Paste Bomb

The main attraction of the Fox In-Line Paste Bomb is its ability to hold a decent amount of pack bait and still remain very aerodynamic. The reason I switch from the Fox Kling-On Leads to Paste Bombs is mainly due to the anti-snag qualities of the paste bomb. It has a much more streamlined shape than the Kling-On Leads. This trait is a must for any angler targeting an area with known snags.

The In-Line Paste Bomb is available in a variety of sizes. I switch the size up depending on the distance that I’m targeting.

  • I will use larger Paste Bombs for longer distances and deeper water. They hold the bait better and are easier to cast longer distances.
  • I always carry smaller Paste Bombs if I notice the carp in close near shore. The smaller sizes are perfect for tossing into the margins without spooking fish while still offering a nice little pile of free bait as an attraction.

The Fox In-Line Paste Bombs also come in the same variety of colours as the Kling-On Leads. Brown, Silt and Green.

The same durable rubber sleeve inserts are used on both types of leads.

Nash Cling On Tungsten Putty Optimized

Nash Cling-On Tungsten Putty

I always use rig putty when using pop-up boilies for carp fishing. Nash Cling-On Tungsten Putty is my go-to choice. It may seem expensive for the amount that you get but I can go an entire carp fishing season on one tin. While I’m sure other anglers use a small piece of the putty once then discard it, I save it and reuse it many times.

A small dab of putty on your rig will keep your pop-up at the optimal distance off the deck. I find it easier and safer to use than split shot weights. It will slip off the line easily in the event of line breaks and doesn’t crimp or damage sections of your rig as split shot weights do.

A small tin of putty can go a long way in improving the presentation of your carp fishing rigs and bait.