Best Carp Fishing Rods

Best Carp Fishing Rods – Our Top Picks

With the amount of carp fishing rods on the market today, picking the right rod can be quite a daunting task. There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing the right rod to suit your needs.

This quick review will cover my top picks. Some of these are rods that I have used in the past or currently use. If you’re looking to purchase rods, There is a Huge Range of Rods at Affordable Prices to Purchase Here.

If you’re new to carp angling and need to know what features to look for in a carp fishing rod, check out this article What to Look for in a Carp Fishing Rod, it will cover in detail all the characteristics to help you choose the right rod for your situation.

Best Carp Fishing Rods

If you’re serious about carp angling and want the best-performing rods on the market, these are the picks for you. If cost is not an issue, you will not be disappointed with the performance and capabilities of these specialist rods.

Daiwa Basia X45X Carp Fishing Rods

These are top-of-the-line for a set of carp fishing rods. Made for the dedicated specialist carp angler. These rods are made with advanced technology and design to enhance casting distance and accuracy.

What’s new with these rods? X45X Full Shield Carbon Technology, Magnum Taper, HVF Nanoplus, V Joint Alpha, TDG Guides, Japanese Shrink Grips and ALPS ARD Reel Seats. Just what do all these advancements mean? Check out the video below for a quick, easy-to-understand explanation.

Overview of the New Daiwa X45X Basia Carp Rods.

The Daiwa Basia X45X Carp Rods come in six different sizes:

Rod TypeLengthTest CurvePiecesOther
Basia X45X Carp12′3.252 pcCarp Rod
Basia X45X Carp12′3.752 pcCarp Rod
Basia X45X Carp13′3.252 pcCarp Rod
Basia X45X Carp13′3.752 pcCarp Rod
Basia X45X Carp12′4.52pcSpod Rod
Basia X45X Carp12′4.52 pcMarker Rod
Daiwa Basia X45X Carp Rod Range

For an entire run down and pricing, check out the Daiwa X45X Carp Rods specs on the Daiwa Website.

Nash Scope Cork Rods

One of my favourite-looking rods is the Nash Scope Cork Version of the Nash Scope Rod Range. These rods boast the Fuju Gold Matte Black Reel Seat, Full Cork Handles, Reversed American Tackle Vortex Air Guides, 30 – 40 or 50 mm Butt Rings Depending on the size of the Rod, Laser Etched Compass Detail on the Butt Cap, Scope Compass Detail on the Reel Seat, Scope Detail on the Carbon Line Clip and much more.

Nash Scope Corked Rod Overview

The Nash Scope Cork Rods come in various options:

Rod TypeLengthTest Curve
Nash Scope Cork6′1.00 lb
Nash Scope Cork6′2.00 lb
Nash Scope Cork6′3.00 lb
Nash Scope Cork9′2.25 lb
Nash Scope Cork9′2.75 lb
Nash Scope Cork9′3.00 lb
Nash Scope Cork9′3.25 lb
Nash Scope Cork9′3.50 lb S
Nash Scope Cork10′2.25 lb
Nash Scope Cork10′2.75 lb
Nash Scope Cork10′3.00 lb
Nash Scope Cork10′3.25 lb
Nash Scope Cork10′3.50 lb S
Nash Scope Cork Rod Range

There are also many other great options for Nash Rods in the Scope range, such as the Black Ops, Abbreviated, and Shrinks. Check out the scope rods on the Nash Website for more specific information.

Best Budget Carp Fishing Rods for Beginners

We will also include our top three picks for the best budget carp fishing rods. It can be expensive for those just getting into carp angling, and starting with a cheaper set of rods is a great way to save money. These rods will hold up quite well and provide a lot of value for the money.

Sonik Vader X Carp Fishing Rod

If you’re brand new to carp angling or looking for an entire set of carp fishing rods, look no further than the Sonik Vader X Rod Series. They have an option to purchase three rods for a very reasonable price.

Sonik Vader X RS Cork Rod Overview by Total Carp

The Sonik Vader X RS Rods come in many different forms:

Rod TypeLengthTest Curve
Sonik Vader X RS10′3.00 lb
Sonik Vader X RS10′3.50 lb
Sonik Vader X RS12′2.75 lb
Sonik Vader X RS12′3.00 lb
Sonik Vader X RS12′3.25 lb
Sonik Vader X RS12′3.50 lb
Sonik Vader X RS13′3.50 lb
Sonik Vader X RS Hybrid12′S + M
Sonik Vader X RS Rod Range

The main features of the Sonik Vader X lineup include a lightweight and slim carbon fibre blank, fast tip recovery for long casting abilities, custom Sonik reel seats and line clips, black SIC line guides with anti-frap tips, and laser etched butt caps. So not only do they perform flawlessly but they also look the part as well.

These are the rods that I currently use. They are classified as a budget rod because they are the cheapest model Sonik produces, but I have used them for quite some time and have nothing bad to say about them.

IMG 6500 2
Sonik Vader X Cork Handle 2
IMG 6527 2

I chose the 10′ 3lb Vader X Rods since most of my carp angling is from a boat or near shore. I don’t need to cast huge distances, thus allowing me to use smaller rods for easier use in close quarters, such as in a boat or in thick brush on the bank.

For more information, be sure to check out the Vader X Rods on the Sonik Sports Website.

Daiwa Black Widow G50

Another one of the big players in the Fishing Rod world is Daiwa. Daiwa is most likely in the top three carp fishing rod manufacturers. They provide a series of rods for beginners and advanced carp anglers.

These rods are perfect for beginners to carp angling and come at the perfect entry-level price.

Daiwa Black Widow G50 Rod Overview

They provide a decent mix of casting power and fish-fighting properties. The action plays throughout the rod length to prevent hook pulls from under the tip lunges.

Diawa Black Widow 2
Diawa Black Widow 3
Diawa Black Widow 4

If you’re searching for something from Daiwa other than their base model rods, be sure to look into their Infinity series of carp fishing rods.

Nash Dwarf Carp Fishing Rods

These redesigned Nash Dwarf Rods are sure to turn some heads. Quality rods at an affordable price point. The compact design of the Nash Dwarf Rod Range makes them an excellent option for the minimalist angler. No more lugging around big bulky rods; the Nash Dwarf Rods allow anglers to move around and find fish easily.

Nash Dwarf Rod Overview

The Nash Dwarf Rods Come in Many Different Cork Options:

Rod NameLengthTest Curve
Nash Dwarf Cork6′1.00 lb
Nash Dwarf Cork6′2.00 lb
Nash Dwarf Cork6′3.00 lb
Nash Dwarf Cork9′2.75 lb
Nash Dwarf Cork9′3.00 lb
Nash Dwarf Cork9′3.25 lb
Nash Dwarf Cork10′2.75 lb
Nash Dwarf Cork10′3.00 lb
Nash Dwarf Cork10′3.25 lb
Nash Dwarf Cork Rod Types

If you’re just starting out and the price is a concern, the Nash Dwarf Rod Range is one of the best rods that give you excellent quality for the money.

There you have it, Improved Carp Angling’s top choices in the Carp Fishing Rod Category. Don’t forget to check our Recommended Carp Fishing Gear Page for more information.