Aqua Vu Underwater Camera

Why I chose to use the Aqua Vu HD10i Underwater Camera.

When picking an underwater camera to record my carp angling footage there were many factors to consider. The main reasons I chose an Aqua Vu product were:

  • Excellent HD Quality Video.
  • 10-inch Anti Glare Screen.
  • On-Screen Image Quality Adjustments.
  • Ability to View Fish In Real Time.
  • Additional port to enable an external power source to be connected.
  • Ability to Record Video Through the HDMI Port. (Additional Screen Recording Device is Necessary.)
  • Quality construction that will last for years.
  • Many additional optional accessories.
  • Aqua Vu Continually Adds Features and Accessories to their Products.

I purchased and now use the Aqua Vu HD 10i Underwater Camera. If I was to purchase one today I would go with the Aqua Vu HD7i Pro Model. The 10i unit is a power hog with the large LCD Screen and at the time I didn’t think the additional features of the Pro Unit were worth the added cost. Now, after using it for a few years I could sure use the directional display feature plus extra cord length!

Types of Aqua Vu Underwater Cameras for Carp Fishing.

AquaVu HD 10i
  • Aqua Vu HD10i
  • Aqua Vu HD10i Pro
  • Aqua Vu HD7i
  • Aqua Vu HD7i Pro

Aqua Vu Underwater Camera Features that are Covered Further Below

What Comes in the Box with the Aqua Vu HD 10i Underwater Camera?

Aqua Vu HD Adaptor
Aqua Vu Underwater Camera Viewing Angles.
  • 10 ” LCD Monitor with battery.
  • Underwater Camera with 75′ of Cable.
  • 2 Anti-Glare Screen Protectors.
  • Camera Chargers. 1 A/C and 1 D/C Adapter.
  • Padded Aqua Vu Carry Case.
  • Camera Cable Adapter to Switch the Angle at which the Camera Views.

What Accessories are Compatible with the Aqua Vu HD and HD Pro Model Cameras?

Aqua Vu XD Accessories
  • XD Trolling Fin
    • A must for anyone that is looking to film live strikes behind their bait.
    • Aids with keeping the camera pointing in front or behind the boat while moving.
  • XD Pole Adaptor
    • Great for attaching to any threaded pole to extend your camera reach to look in and around docks or structure.
    • When recording from a boat I found the waves to cause issues with the camera bouncing up and down. I mounted a 2-foot threaded pole to a weight that allows the camera to be mounted 2 feet off the bottom without moving.
    • Note: This is only the plastic adaptor that goes from the pole to the camera. The pole is not included.
  • XD Wiring Kit
    • A great addition which I purchased with my camera for hooking it up to my boat and ice fishing hut power sources.
  • XD Auxiliary Trolling Weight.
    • A must-have item if you plan on recording while trolling.
  • XD Light Kit
    • I did not purchase this when I bought the camera. I ordered it afterwards as it is required for carp fishing at night. The camera does have an infrared feature but I find it picks up every particle in the water and makes the picture quite cloudy.
  • Aqua Vu MO-POD3 Underwater Camera Positioner
    • Very handy for positioning and panning the camera while ice fishing.