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Best Carp Fishing Rods
Best Carp Fishing Bite Alarms
Best Carp Fishing Baiting Gear
Best Carp Fishing Leads and Weighs
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Note: This Section is always being reviewed and updated to better serve carp anglers worldwide. Be sure to check back often.

Over the years, I have spent countless hours targeting carp and have used all sorts of Carp Fishing Gear. While on the bank, I often get questioned about the gear I use to target carp. Rods, reels, line, hooks, rigs, weights…the list is endless.

There is a ton of gear available for carp angling. Some of it is necessary, and other pieces just make life on the bank more comfortable. If you’re new to targeting carp, the reviews below will greatly aid in your search for new gear. The reviews are honest, as it is the gear I have had hands-on experience with.