Carp Fishing Tackle

What is the Best Carp Fishing Gear?

It can sometimes be hard to find Carp Fishing Gear in North America. With no shops to walk into, newcomers to the sport can often be confused about what equipment to buy and where to source it. If you’re looking for the Best Online Sources for Carp Fishing Gear, check out our recommendations guide.

Not all Carp Fishing Gear is Equal

This detailed Carp Fishing Gear Resource will outline the Carp Tackle we bought and the daily items we use.

Most other websites jam these resources with affiliate links to make a few bucks. We offer links to many products across various online stores and sources. This allows YOU, the angler, to choose what suits your situation, wherever you are located around the world.

The Carp Fishing Gear recommended on this page is constantly being updated as we test and find better alternatives and sources, be sure to check back often for the latest updates.

Carp Fishing Gear

Recommended Carp Fishing Gear

Improved Carp Angling
Best Carp Fishing Rods

Best Carp Fishing Rods

Handles, Reel Seats, Line Clips, Eyelets, Test Curve, Action, etc. Many intricate pieces go into building carp fishing rods. Here we highlight the Best Carp Fishing Rods we’ve used to date.

Best Carp Fishing Bite Alarms

Best Carp Fishing Bite Alarms

Sound, Volume, Tone, Sensitivity, Colour, Accessories, etc. From basic to advanced features, we’ve been lucky to have our hands on some very pricey bite alarms over the years. Here we highlight our picks for the Best Carp Fishing Bite Alarms.

Best Carp Fishing Baiting Gear

Best Carp Baiting Gear

Spoons, Spombs, Spods, Buckets, Cutters, Crushers, etc. There are many specialized baiting tools available to carp anglers. In this guide, we highlight the gear that we use throughout the season.

Recommended Carp Terminal Tackle Soon
Best Carp Fishing Terminal Tackle
Best Carp Fishing Reels Main

Best Carp Fishing Reels

Spools, Size, Gears, Clips, Handles, etc. Much like Rods, many intricate pieces are involved in constructing quality Carp Fishing Reels. Here we highlight the Best Carp Fishing Reels.

Best Carp Fishing Line Main

Best Carp Fishing Line

Monofilament, Fluorocarbon, Braid, Leaders, Hook Link Material, etc. There are many different types of line for carp fishing, and in this resource, we highlight the Best Types of Carp Fishing Line we’ve used over the years and where to source them for the best price.

Best Carp Fishing Bivvies

Best Carp Fishing Bivvies

Storm Poles, Over Wraps, Ground Sheets, Spreader Blocks, etc. There are many different features and styles of bivvies for anglers to choose from. This guide highlights the best Carp Fishing Bivvies on the market today.

Recommended Carp Power Banks Coming Soon
Best Carp Fishing Power Banks
Best Carp Fishing Nets

Best Carp Fishing Nets

Spreader Blocks, Handles, Mesh, Arms, etc. Cost is often a significant factor when choosing the proper net. Here we cover the Best Carp Fishing Nets that we use.

Best Carp Care Equipment

Best Carp Care Equipment

Slings, Mats, Scales, Buckets, Tripods, etc. There are many additional pieces of kit carp anglers use to ensure the safety of big fish while on the bank. In this guide, we highlight the Best Carp Care Gear that we’ve used over the years. From Budget to High End, there is an option for everyone.

Best Carp Fishing Leads and Weighs

Best Carp Leads and Weights

Grippers, Pear, Flat Pear, Square Pear, In-Line, Swivel, etc. There seems to be a lead or weight for every carp fishing situation. This guide highlights the Best Carp Fishing Leads and Weights that we have used.

Recommended Carp UW Camera Soon
Best Fishing Underwater Camera

Over the years, I have spent countless hours targeting carp and have used all sorts of Carp Fishing Gear. While on the bank, I often get questioned about the gear I use to target carp. Rods, reels, line, hooks, rigs, weights…the list is endless.

There is a ton of gear available for carp angling. Some of it is necessary, and other pieces make life on the bank more comfortable. If you’re new to targeting carp, the reviews below will greatly aid in your search for new gear. The reviews are honest, as it is the gear I have had hands-on experience with.