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Bobbins, Rod Pods, Bite Alarms, Bank Sticks, Bivvies, Brollys and Barrows! Many of these terms can seem quite alien to the North American Angler. Luckily we have put together this Carp Fishing for Beginners Resource to explain it all in one place easily.

How to Catch Carp?

So you’ve been out targeting other species, such as Bass, Pike, Walleye, Trout or Salmon. You’ve noticed some big fish in the shallows, but no matter what bait you throw at them, they won’t take it.

We’ve all been there. This is how most North American Anglers start with Carp. Seeing a massive fish and thinking, “Hey, I bet that thing would put up a heck of a fight.” They indeed do, but hooking one will take some specialized tactics and gear.

With 20 years of experience chasing carp across Canada, I will outline the ins and outs of this misunderstood species to help you have more success on the bank and improve your carp angling.

Carp Fishing for Beginners

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Improved Carp Angling
Carp Fishing Rod Pod

Carp Fishing Rod Pods Explained

An easy way to hold multiple rods when angling the rod pod. In this quick guide, we explain how they work and what additional items you need to use them effectively.

Baitrunner Reel for Carp Fishing

Baitrunner Reels for Carp Fishing

If using a rod pod, banksticks and bite alarms, a Baitrunner Style Carp Fishing Reel will offer a very effective setup if you’re serious about catching many carp.

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How to Handle and Weigh Big Fish

If you start targeting carp as a catch-and-release species, you will need some basic information and simple pieces of gear to do it effectively. Fish and Personal Safety should come first.

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