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Carp Fishing Articles

Sometimes, we get questions or suggestions for Carp Fishing Articles that don’t quite fit our other categories, such as Rigs, Bait, Reviews or Gear. Here, we answer the more generalized questions about Carp Fishing.

What Do Carp Eat? What’s the Best Carp Fishing Podcast? What are the Best Carp Fishing YouTube Channels? What is Specimen Angling? There are many questions newcomers to carp angling have.

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Nathan Cutler

Owner of Improved Carp Angling. With over 20 years of experience fishing for carp, I don’t claim to know it all. I just like to document and share my experiences with gear and tactics to help others get into the sport of Carp Fishing.

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Do Carp Sleep

Do Carp Sleep?

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This is a topic that has been of great debate between many anglers. I will try to answer it to the best of my ability from my experiences fishing, researching and raising fish in my…
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Why Do Carp jump

Why Do Carp Jump?

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One of the most exciting sights and sounds that gets every carp angler’s heart pumping. The telltale BOSH of a carp breaching the surface. Any angler that has fished a body of water where carp are located…
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