Bite Keeper Pro Bite Alarm Review

Bite Keeper Pro Smart Bite Alarm Review

Recently I was fortunate enough to be sent a set of Bite Keeper Pro Smart Bite Alarms and Reciever to give my honest thoughts and review. Upon receipt of the set of alarms, I’m pretty impressed with this compact set.

We will start by giving a brief overview of what comes in the box, then move on to the features of the Bitekeeper Pro Smart Bite Alarm and Reciever that make them so versatile compared to other sets of alarms on the market today.

What Comes in the Bite Keeper Pro Smart Bite Alarm Box?

Bite Keeper Pro Bite Alarm Unboxing Video

You will first notice the sleek packaging and durable hard presentation case when unboxing the Bite Keeper Pro Smart Bite Alarm Set. The case is padded with intricate cutouts for four alarm heads plus a receiver. The mesh storage pouch on the top is a bonus to house the charging cable and any bobbins or swingers you use.

Bite Keeper Pro Alarm Heads

Bite Keeper Pro Smart Bite Alarm

The Bite Keeper Pro Bite Alarm Set comes with a combination of 2, 3 or 4 alarms.

Instruction Manual

Bite Keeper Pro Smart Bite Alarm Manual

Although this set of bite alarms is straightforward to use out of the box, it does come with a detailed instruction manual. It is nice that the manual does include details about the batteries and alarm specs.

Custom Charging Cable

Bite Keeper Pro Smart Bite Alarm Charging Cable

A custom USB Charging cable does come included in the box set that can charge all alarms at the same time. The USB Cable is compatible with any 5v/3A Charging Brick.

Bite Keeper Pro Receiver

Bite Keeper Pro Bite Alarm Receiver

Each set of Bite Keeper Pro Alarms includes a small compact receiver.

Receiver Wrist Strap

Bite Keeper Pro Bite Alarm Receiver Wrist Strap

A nice bonus in the box is a wrist or carry strap for the tiny receiver. The receiver is small and could easily be misplaced. The Strap allows anglers to hang it in their bivvy or strap it to their belt.

Carry / Presentation Case

Bite Keeper Pro Smart Bite Alarm Case

The hard cover case that comes with the Bite Keeper Pro Smart Bite Alarm Set is perfect. The foam insert protects the alarms, and the added mesh zip pocket is ideal for storing bobbins.

As you can see, this set of bite alarms is packed with added bonuses inside the box. Let’s move on and cover in greater detail just what makes these alarms so great by delving into their features.

Bite Keeper Pro Smart Bite Alarm Features

Bite Keeper Pro Alarm

These compact alarms come packed with features, which is impressive for their small form factor. Not only do they have all the same features as other comparable alarms, but they also have a minimal form factor and are all adjustable via the compatible iPhone or Android app, which we will cover in greater detail further in this review.

Bite Keeper Pro Alarm FeaturesBite Keeper Pro Alarm Details
Sensitivity7 Levels
Volume7 Levels
Tone7 Levels
ColourRed, Blue, Green and Yellow
Drop Back IndicationDedicated White LED and Tone
Battery250mA Li-Polymer Rechargeable
Illuminated Bobbin PortYes


Bite Keeper Pro Sensitivity Setting

The Bite Keeper Pro Alarms have seven different sensitivity levels, allowing anglers to fine-tune the alarms to deal with adverse weather or water conditions.


Bite Keeper Pro Tone Setting

The Bite Keeper Pro Alarms have seven different tone levels. This can be a make-or-break feature of an alarm for many anglers. With seven different options, anglers can find a preferable tone with ease.

Drop Back Indication

Bite Keeper Pro Bite Alarm Drop Back Colour

Reliable drop-back detection is a small but often overlooked feature on many alarm sets. The Bite Keeper Pro Alarm has audible and white LED Drop Back Detection.


Bite Keeper Pro Volume Setting

The Bite Keeper Pro Alarms have seven different volume settings that range from very quiet to prevent the disturbance of others to very loud so that you will be notified even in the harshest conditions.


Bite Keeper Pro Bite Alarm Colours

The Bite Keeper Pro Alarms have four different colour options. All alarms should have a feature that can easily change the colour on each alarm head. You can match all alarms or have a different colour on each.

Illuminated Bobbin Outlet

Bite Keeper Pro Illuminated Bobbin Port

Many other alarms on the market come with illuminated bobbin ports, but the fact that the Bite Keeper Pro Alarms come with a rubber weatherproof cover on the port is a bonus other alarms lack.

Although it may not be noticeable to many anglers, I like that the Bite Keeper Pro Alarm has a dedicated small discreet power button on the side. I’ve lost count of how many times I accidentally switch on alarms while storing them away or en route to my swim. There’s nothing worse than finding dead batteries as you’re setting up or a beeping alarm in the back of your vehicle while en route.

Bite Keeper Pro Receiver Features

Bite Keeper Pro Receiver

The Bite Keeper Pro Receiver has all the features a top bite alarm receiver should have, but my favourite aspect is the small compact size. It easily fits in your pocket. Many other receivers are so big and bulky that you end up leaving them on your bivvy table or by your chair, which tends to defeat the purpose of a receiver in the first place.

Bite Keeper Pro Receiver FeaturesBite Keeper Pro Receiver Details
ColoursRed, Blue, Green and Yellow
Silent ModeYes – Vibration
Volume7 Levels
Battery250mA Li-polymer Rechargable
Drop Back IndicationWhite LED and Tone

Silent Mode

The Bite Keeper Pro Receiver has a silent mode that allows anglers to detect a bite via vibration and LED indication.

Sound Only

Another Option for the Bite Keeper Pro Receiver is to set it to “Sound Only.” This will allow anglers to save battery power while on longer sessions.

Colour Options

Bite Keeper Pro Receiver Colour

The Bite Keeper Pro Receiver automatically adjusts to the colour of the alarm. The light will be the same as the alarm that goes off and even switches to white in the event of a drop back.

Vibrate and Sound

The Bite Keeper Pro Receiver can also be set to Vibrate and Sound simultaneously for maximum indication. Perfect for those heavy sleepers.

Volume Levels

Like the Bite Keeper Pro Alarms, the compatible receiver has the same seven levels of volume that can be easily adjusted to suit conditions.

Flashlight / Torch

Bite Keeper Pro Receiver Light

Although it is a small LED, the flashlight option on the receiver is quite bright to allow anglers to easily see in their bivvy in the event of a take at night. The light is located in the antenna portion of the receiver.

The Bite Keeper Pro Receiver has an effective wireless distance of up to 100m. Although anglers aren’t typically that far away from their alarms, the strong signal will ensure there is adequate indication in the event there are obstacles between the receiver and alarms.

Bite Keeper Pro Bite Alarm App Features

Bite Keeper Pro App and Alarms

The number one aspect that makes the Bite Keeper Pro Alarm Set unique is the easy-to-use iPhone and Android App. I’m not usually a fan of technology in carp fishing. In the past many products have let me down. Connectivity issues and firmware updates while on the bank can be pretty frustrating. I am happy to report the Bite Keeper Pro App has hit the nail on the head for ease of use and effectiveness.

Bite Keeper Pro Alarm App Controls

Bite Keeper Pro App Alarm Controls

The Bite Keeper Pro App allows easy and quick control of all alarm functions. In my experience on the bank, it can sometimes be too complicated to sort out mute buttons on each alarm while resetting rods. I often just put up with the bleeping as I reset reels and rods onto the pod. This set of alarms lets you quickly silence all alarms with a click of a button on your iPhone or even apple watch.


If the wind picks up overnight, it is a blessing to check the volume of your alarms and even turn them up from the comfort of your bed. Pinpointing the exact volume level from the distance your sleeping at will also ensure you don’t bother other anglers nearby as well.


Another essential adjustment during the night is sensitivity. I’ve had many sessions where the current or wind has picked up, causing false indications every few minutes. With the Smartphone app, anglers can easily adjust the sensitivity of each alarm to fit the conditions from the comfort of their bivvy.


Although most anglers typically pick a tone and stick with it for most sessions. The app also allows anglers to adjust the tone of each alarm at any time. Whether setting all alarms to the same tone or making each one unique. The app makes it easy.


Another adjustment that is typically set and forgotten about is the colour of each alarm. Say you set up all your alarms to the same colour during the day, but once in bed, you decide to set each to a different colour to differentiate which rod has a take during the night easily. This can be achieved through the app.

The Bite Keeper Pro App will automatically pair up with the number of alarms you have nearby. Whether you opt for just one or a four-alarm set, you can adjust all separately through one easy-to-use control panel.

Bite Keeper Pro Receiver App Controls

Bite Keeper Pro App Receiver Controls

Not only does the app control all the features of each alarm separately, but it also allows easy control of the receiver’s features.


Bite Keeper Pro App Mute

My favourite feature of the Bite Keeper Pro App is the ability to mute all alarms and receiver with the push of a button. No more visiting each alarm to silence them when resetting or casting rods.


Bite Keeper Pro App Flashlight

The flashlight/torch can be turned on with a simple press of the button via the app. If you drop it outside or misplace it in your bivvy at night, this is handy.


Bite Keeper Pro APP Volume

The receiver volume can be adjusted via the app as well as each alarm independently. Volume control through the app is a great feature that all alarms should come with.


Bite Keeper Pro APP Vibration

Vibration can easily be turned on and off via the alarm button itself, but it is also lovely to have the option included on the app.

Not only does the app control every aspect of the alarms but also the receiver. If you are a tech fan and using your smart devices to make life easier on the bank, this is definitely the set of bite alarms for you.

Bite Keeper Pro Smart Bite Alarm Pros and Cons

Although there are many advantages to the Bite Keeper Pro Smart Bite Alarms, I should also note a few disadvantages that could be improved.

Bite Keeper Pro Bite Alarm – ProsBite Keeper Pro Bite Alarm Cons
Super Bright LEDsCharging Brick Not Included
Extremely WeatherproofNo Nightlight Feature
Multiple Colour Options
Easy to Setup and Use
Straightforward App for IOs and Android
Dedicated Drop Back Indication
Very Compact and Lightweight
Detailed Range of Sensitivity
Great Range fo Volume
Bite Keeper Pro Bite Alarm Pros and Cons

As you can see, the Pros of the Bite Keeper Pro Bite Alarm Set greatly outweigh the cons and aren’t cons but just a few features that keep this set from being absolutely perfect. I really tried to look for more cons to make this review as honest as possible for those looking to purchase this set, but couldn’t find any.

Where to Buy the Bite Keeper Pro Bite Alarms?

Bite Keeper Pro Bite Alarm Review

The Bite Keeper Pro Bite Alarm Set is definitely unique in many ways and a bit hard to locate as most retailers. I will include links below to the best places to check the price or purchase this feature-packed compact set of bite alarms.

When I first heard of this set of bite alarms, I was unsure if they would be worth the money. After using them for some time, they have become number 1 on our list of Recommended Sets of Compact Bite Alarms.

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If you’re still unsure about this set of alarms, check out these additional videos from Carpology and Total Carp that cover this set in great detail.

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