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Catch Log

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Some new gear from Nash just landed (New To Me) and I’m quite excited to test it out. I have a new compact system to allow me to get out on quick 2 or 3-hour sessions when my schedule allows for it.

Effort equals reward

A recent capture from a quick session. I am glad to see the fish returning to this fall feeding ground. No big ones yet but a steady stream of low doubles keeps the hopes up.

A recent edit from a session earlier in the fall. The swim was prebaited and ready for the wind shift from the north. Time was limited, but I was rewarded with a few fish due to the prep work.

The latest in-session video is uploading—a quick double-take during the first snow of the year. This was only a short test session to see if the fish had found the bait and were holding in the area. I had an hour or so to sneak out before work.

The conditions weren’t perfect, but the wind had switched to the north, so I knew some fish would be holding in the oxygenated water.

Carp Fishing baiting Setup

The Baiting Continues…it’s been a struggle to find time to get to the water and keep the bait going in. Sometimes 2 days between bait ups, so I’ve been spombing 5 – 10 kg at a time to keep the fish interested.

Carp Fishing Setup

It’s kind of a tricky swim to fish that I’m focusing on this fall. Shallow water levels mean I need to peg my carp care gear down further out in the water for optimal fish safety.

DT Baits

Some snow on November 1st was a welcome change to the warm weather we’ve had this fall.

A quick double header to start the session was a nice treat to note that the carp had found the bait I had been loading into the swim.

Bright Hook Baits are still doing the trick even though I’m pre-baiting with dull-coloured boilies. DT Baits Tigernut and Corn tripping up both fish this session.

100 kg of boilies

Ever wonder what 100kgs of boilies looks like? I’m going to be doing some heavy baiting this fall in hopes of extending the carp fishing season into December this year. A pretty big test but the results should be interesting!

Carp Fishing in the Cold

Location means a lot when the night temperatures start to drop below zero. However, there is still some great carp angling as the big fish get on the feed before the bays freeze. I find oxygen levels and water temperatures are significant factors in finding fish.

Carp Care

We’re back! After an extended break due to a much-needed break for health and family reasons, I’m working my way back into a regular publishing schedule. Check back regularly for up-to-date posts and content during my fall carp fishing campaign.

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Fishing a difficult swim can be quite rewarding. Although the topography, boulders and waves aren’t conducive to landing big fish, the effort paid off, as most other anglers will opt for a more comfortable session elsewhere.

28.5 lber

I put a lot of work into finding the fish and prebaiting for the Canadian Carp Society SSF Event. The work paid off as fish after fish hit the mat. I couldn’t break the 30lb mark, but putting some solid high 20s on the leaderboard was great.

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In this photo, I quickly admired a solid 20 + lb Common from Lake Huron. You know it’s a good session when you’re letting fish like this go without putting them on the scale. Just a quick photo, and off it went.

Cold Water Green Beast Bait Review

A staple in my early spring and late fall sessions. Some of my biggest fish have come from DT Baits on the Cold Water Green Beast Range. The extra expense for a solid food source in colder months is worth the effort for both the angler and the health of the fish.

Nathan Cutler holding Carp Caught on Cold Water Green Beast Bait

Many cold, wet days resulted in my first 30+ Common of the Season on one of my final sessions of the year. There was heavy wind and rain, but the bite was on. Increased oxygen levels from the white caps plus a solid source of food led to many fish being captured.

Cold Water Green Beast Pop-ups in use

I was very lucky to be granted early access to many flavours in the bait range from DT Baits for testing on wild Canadian Waters. Needless to say, they didn’t disappoint. 2022 was one of my most successful seasons for not only the sheer amount of takes but also the quality of the size of the fish as well.

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Mirror Carp are a rare sight in Canadian Waters. I have still yet to land one successfully in over 20 years of targeting Carp. I was lucky enough to be able to photograph this fine specimen while angling with friends on a new water.

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DT Baits Tigernut and Corn. A range of bait exclusive to Canada. I was lucky to get my hands on some this past spring and needless to say, I had some of my best fishing to date. The early spring warmth and low water levels aligned, resulting in non-stop runs.

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Always watching. One of the most important aspects of Carp Angling is watching for telltale signs of carp activity. Having a setup that is easy to move and fish where the carp are actively feeding is very important. Patience and adaptability = success.