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We aim to provide the Ultimate Carp Fishing Resource here at Improved Carp Angling. Real people with hands-on experience create all content. Many other sites mass produce articles through AI and push users to Amazon for a quick commission. We pride ourselves on original content and provide links to the best sources we can find for our users.

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Honest content created by real carp anglers for carp anglers. Through sharing, we believe we can all learn to increase our enjoyment and further grow the sport of carp fishing.

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With an environment-first approach, we believe it is best to do what is suitable for the outdoor areas we enjoy rather than sending users off to buy a cheap product to make a buck.

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“Carp Fishing. It’s What We Do.”

Improved Carp Angling


Looking for adventure? Our content is tailored to anglers worldwide. Highlighting what carp fishing in North America is really like.

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Product Reviews

Anything Carp Fishing Related. All reviews are honest with hands-on experience. Reels, Rods, Nets and More. This is the gear we use.



We all start somewhere. No matter where you are on your carp angling journey, we tailor content to new and seasoned carp anglers.

“Respect the Fish.”

Improved Carp Angling
Improved Carp Angling

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Nathan Cutler

Aside from work and family life, carp fishing, writing, web development and filmography are my main passions. This website offers the perfect outlet to share those interests with like-minded individuals worldwide.

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Product Reviews

Have a Carp Fishing Related Product you would like a video or written review about? We’re certified tackle tarts and love delving into the details of each piece of kit we review. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our Contact Page for further information.

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