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Who is Nathan Cutler?

Owner of Improved Carp Angling and Co-Founder of the Canadian Carp Society. From as early as I can remember, most of my childhood days were spent outdoors, mainly fishing. I am lucky to have lived all across Canada and experienced many different fishing environments. These days, I specifically target Carp as a Catch-and-Release Angler.

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How to Handle and Weigh Big Fish

Fishing, Photography, Filmography and More…

Aside from work and family, my passions are Carp Angling and Creating Online Content through Articles and Videos. Improved Carp Anling is the perfect creative outlet to share both with the world.

Why Carp? This is the question I’m asked the most while set up on the bank. It’s a complex question to answer. The easiest answer is that they’re BIG fish that put up one heck of a fight, plus they’re abundant and easy to target from shore.

There’s a lot more to it than just that, Carp Fishing is a lifestyle, and I love everything about it. From the gear, the tactics and relaxation to adrenaline-pumping runs. No matter the weather or conditions, there’s no place I’d rather be than bankside.

Carp Angling Brands I Proudly Support

“Carp Fishing. It’s a Way of Life.”

Research Notes

Always Learning

With a background in Fish & Wildlife, I enjoy keeping an open mind. As a lifelong learner, I like to share my knowledge but am always open to new and seasoned anglers’ ideas.

The Unknown

Big Wild Waters

The Unknown is all part of the experience while Carp Fishing in Canada—Big Wild Fish from Vast Expanses of Water. You never know what will surface next.

Carp Fishing in Canada

Solo or Social

Are you a Social or Solo angler? I’m usually a quiet person who enjoys fishing alone, but occasionally, it’s great to get together with other like-minded anglers and share the bank.

I don’t claim to know everything about Carp Angling, far from it. Improved Carp Angling is just an outlet to share what I learn or stumble across in my daily carp angling adventures.

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Do Carp Sleep

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