Best Carp Fishing YouTube

25 Best Carp Fishing YouTube Channels You Can’t Live Without

Here we are again in the frigid months of winter. Some of us are crazy enough to brave the cold and wet conditions in the hopes of a single bite, but for others, what can we do to satisfy our carpy thoughts?

In the winter months here in Canada, I tend to dedicate most of my time to researching and testing new bait and tactics indoors. Tieing new rigs, checking out new gear online, seeing how bait performs in my underwater test tank, etc. All in anticipation of that early spring session.

It is amazing the amount of content that can be found for free online these days. YouTube is the best place to find entertaining and educational content geared towards carp anglers. In this article, I will cover my favourite carp fishing tv programs, shows and youtube channels.

Korda TV Carp Fishing

149k Subscribers (February 2020)

Korda TV Carp Fishing has loads of how-to content. They film it in a very entertaining way so it is enjoyable for both beginner and veteran carp anglers. Some series include:

  • Masterclass Series – Loads of entertaining videos showing how they adapt and change tactics due to conditions they are faced with.
  • Thinking Tackle Series – More entertaining and educational content while catching huge specimen carp.
  • Carp Academy – Teaching young anglers the ins and outs of carp fishing to further grow the sport.
  • Embryo Angling Habitats – Shining the spotlight on new venues that Korda is developing to grow the future of carp angling,
  • Korda Underwater Carp Angling – Showing how carp react to bait and tactics underwater.
  • Latest Products – Highlighting newly developed carp fishing products.

The Korda Team has many top anglers that appear throughout these series including Danny Fairbrass, Darrel Peck, Neil Spooner, Ali Hamidi and Tom Dove to name a few.

Fox International Carp Fishing

116k Subscribers (February 2020)

Fox International Carp Fishing videos were some of the first that I ever discovered on YouTube. While this channel does provide some how-to content for beginners it is mostly highly entertaining content such as challenge and versus series. Some playlists are:

  • The Challenge with Mark Pitchers – The most-watched and highly popular series, where Mark Pitchers completes various carp fishing challenges in a set period of time.
  • Underwater Answers with Rob Hughes – Very educational series where Rob Hughes Dives below the surface to see how things really perform when we can’t see them.
  • Mozza Versus – One of my favourite types of videos, a challenge series where Lee “Mozza” Morris goes head to head with other popular anglers in the UK.
  • Carp Coach Tom Maker’s Guide to Carp Fishing – Educational series where Tom Maker takes you through the ins and outs of carp angling.

Very entertaining by some of my favourite carp anglers in the UK. Some of these include Harry Charrington, Lee Morris, Ian Chillcott, Rob Hughes and Mark Pitchers.

NASH TV Carp Fishing

110 Subscribers (February 2020)

Another one of the top carp tackle manufacturers in the UK, NASH TV Carp Fishing comes in at number 3. Highly entertaining and well-edited content, some of the top series on this channel include:

  • On the Bank – Fishing videos with all sorts of famous anglers appearing. This series is both educational and entertaining.
  • Nash TV Carp Fishing Blogs – Entertaining videos of famous anglers that travel around the world recounting their sessions through epic videos.
  • Carp Fishing How-To Videos – Some great educational content to be found here for those looking to improve their angling.
  • Life at Nash Behind the Scenes – Self-explanatory BTS footage, quite entertaining.
  • URBAN BANX – Featuring Alan Blair this series showcases some of the top urban destinations for carp angling across Europe. Great series and one of the most-watched on their channel.
  • THE GEAR – Series showcasing the fine products that Nash Tackle Manufactures. I can attest to all the Nash Gear that I have used over the years, it has all been top quality.

Nash TV Carp Fishing showcases some great anglers such as Alan Blair, Steve Briggs, Samir (Carp Lifer), Marc Voosen, Tom Forman and many more.


23.3k Subscribers (February 2020)

ESPCarpgear has some of the best cinematic storytelling types of videos on carp angling online. Every time they release a Terry Hearn Video it almost always jumps to the top of my must-watch list. Popular Series include:

  • ESP Top Tips – Showcasing ESP Gear and how it is used. Loads of content from different anglers to help beginners to the sport.
  • Product Videos – Highlighting newly developed/released gear from ESP.
  • Terry Hearn Cinematic Videos – Definitely the highlight of this channel, these videos follow Terry Hearn on his epic carp fishing adventures.

Featured Anglers on the ESPCarpgear channel include Terry Hearn, Martin Bowler and Kev Hewitt.

RidgeMonkey UK

18.6k Subscribers (February 2020)

The ever-so-quickly growing RidgeMonkey Brand of carp fishing gear provides this very well laid out YouTube channel with loads of how-to and entertaining content. Featured playlists include:

  • Product Focus – Highlighting new and exciting gear that Ridge Monkey is constantly coming out with.
  • Bite Time – Known for their on the bank cookware line of products, the Ridge Monkey YouTube channel has a great playlist of recipes for on the bank.
  • How To – Great educational content for Ridge Monkey products.
  • Angler Profiles – Quick videos in this series highlight the sponsored anglers of the Ridge Monkey Team.
  • The Great Escape – Entertaining series from the Ridge Monkey team, showcases some of the venues and products they use.
  • In Session – Various carp fishing sessions with popular carp anglers.

Featured Anglers – Dave Levvy, Harry Pratt, Dan Hawkes and Jay Cater.

Sticky Baits TV

18.8k Subscribers (February 2020)

Not only do developers and manufacturers of carp fishing gear make great videos but so do some of the larger carp fishing bait companies. Sticky Baits TV has some of the best documentary-style videos on YouTube. Their videos vary from a few minutes to hour-long tales. Popular series include:

  • The Knowledge – Questions answered by some top carp anglers.
  • Beneath the Surface – Quick Clips of Carp Behaviour Underwater.
  • A Collection of Carp Tales – Series Documenting Some of the Finer Specimen Caught Over the Years.
  • Reflections – The newest series chronicling some epic sessions with famous anglers.

Featured Anglers – Adam Penning, Gaz Fareham, Tom Maker, Chris Yates and Martin Bowler.

Carl and Alex Fishing

136k Subscribers (February 2020)

Carl and Alex have been creating YouTube videos since they were very young. They are two brothers that love everything to do with fishing. They used to work for Nash Tackle but have recently left the company to produce more content on their YouTube Channel. They have some great videos, some of my favourites are:

  • Overseas Fishing Adventures – I thoroughly enjoy the content they produce when they travel to North America. Their Dale Hollow Lake Trip was one of the best carp fishing adventure videos I’ve seen on YouTube and it was also nice to see them do some videos in Canada as well.
  • Carl vs Alex – They receive a lot of questions on social media as to who is the better angler between the two of them. This is one of their new series that I find highly entertaining.
  • Behind the Scenes – It is also nice to see the behind the scenes videos they produce about their fish and aquariums at home, what it’s like to be a YouTuber, Q & A Sessions and other entertaining videos.

Carl and Alex have taken things a step further as well. They provide some great “How To” content for anglers to increase their skills on the bank. From Rigs, knot tieing, bait and general tactics this is definitely a channel you will want to follow.

Steve Briggs

10.7k Subscribers (February 2020)

Follow Steve Briggs on his carp angling adventures around the world. Quite interesting to see his videos while targeting Canadian and American Carp.


28.4k Subscribers (February 2020)

One of my favourite channels. Carpology produces a lot of How-To and Gear Review Videos. As I’m a bit of a tackle tart myself I love to see all the reviews of new gear that the big-name companies are coming out with.

As we do not have carp angling shows in North America it is nice to see that Carpology sends their videographers over to some of the big shows so we can get a 1st hand look at some of the stands and gear on display.

Carpology is constantly adding to its popular video series such as:

  • Reviews – Hands-on reviews of carp fishing kit from the big names in the industry.
  • How-To – In-depth How-To Videos on Rigs, Bait, Knots, Tips and Tricks this series covers a lot of topics all pertaining to carp angling.
  • Ologyfix – Quick How-To Videos Covering the smaller topics in carp angling.
  • In Session – A popular series featuring anglers from across the UK and around the World.
  • Unboxing – Opening and taking a detailed look at carp angling tackle.
  • Fishery Reviews – In-Depth Reviews of Carp Fishing Destinations.

Carpology has two main content creators for their YouTube Channel. Joseph Wooltorton and Luke Venus.


12.8k Subscribers (February 2020)

The personal YouTube channel of Carpology’s content creator Joe Wooltorton. Joe created this channel many years ago before he landed his position at carpology. I have followed him for years and enjoy the content he regularly produces.

Sonik Sports

3.53k Subscribers (February 2020)

Sonik Sports is constantly coming out with new and improved products. I am always impressed with the quality of the products they create while keeping costs down for the average angler. Be sure to stay tuned to this channel because they have some exciting products launching in 2020.

This channel at the moment mainly reviews their upcoming products, it will be interesting to see what they come up with in the future.

Shimano Tribal EU

15.4k Subscribers (February 2020)

The Shimano Tribal YouTube Channel covers the entire tribal lineup of carp fishing gear as well as their bait range. If you’re looking for short how-to or review articles on all things related to Shimano Carp Fishing this channel is for you.

This channel highlights Shimano Videos from around the world.

Mainline Baits Carp Fishing TV

24.3k Subscribers (February 2020)

One of the most popular carp fishing bait companies has created this channel to highlight their products. Not only does this channel have reviews and hot-to content but it also features some of the top names in carp angling such as:

  • Darrel Peck
  • Adam Reed
  • Neil Spooner
  • Amy Maunder
  • Dave Levy

One of my favourite playlists on this channel is the bait focus lineup, but it also features in session, tips and tactics, bait making and match angling playlists.

CC Moore TV

30.2k Subscribers (February 2020)

Another of the main carp bait companies CC Moore. This channel highlights their lineup of baits very well. Aside from their how-to and tips videos they also provide in session and insight playlists as well.


Subscribers 17k (February 2020)

One of the largest carp bait suppliers worldwide, Dynamite Baits regularly uploads all sorts of carpy content to their channel.

This channel has many playlists such as:

  • Latest Product Highlights.
  • Specimen Fishing.
  • Match Fishing.
  • Coarse Fishing.
  • How-To.

There is a lot of content on this channel aside from just the Dynamite Range of Baits. Many tips and tactics to apply to any situation.


22.7k Subscribers (February 2020)

One of the largest fishing tackle and bait suppliers in the UK. The AnglingDirectUK channel provides loads of content. They have loads of playlist and a few of them are:

  • Product Spot Light.
  • Quick Bites.
  • The Catch-Up.
  • Vlogs.
  • Challenges.
  • How-Tos.

There is a ton of educational and entertaining content on this channel.

Trakker Products

28.9k Subscribers (February 2020)

The Trakker Products channel mainly highlights new and upcoming gear that the company is releasing. They also provide some how-to content and a few entertainment-based videos.

If you’re a fan of anything Trakker-related this is definitely a channel for you.

Total Carp Fishing TV

6.37k Subscribers (February 2020)

Another great channel much similar to Carpology. Total Carp Fishing provides great videos sorted into playlists such as:

  • Carp Fishing Gear Reviews.
  • Carp Fishing How-To.
  • Carp Fishing Top Tips.
  • Quickfire Questions Featuring Top Anglers.
  • Carp Fishing Rig Series.
  • Bankside Cuisine.

This is a great channel for the beginner or advanced carp angler. New content is uploaded regularly.

Thinking Anglers

11k Subscribers (February 2020)

I have a feeling this will be one of the top Carp Angling YouTube Channels that is quickly on the rise. It features many top anglers and very well-put-together videos. It features playlists such as:

  • Inspiration – Entertaining Videos.
  • Materials Range – Highlighting some of their products.
  • Terminal Range – Showcasing their terminal tackle.
  • The Knowledge – Entertaining and Educational content from featured top anglers.
  • TA – RAW – Carp Fishing Adventures.
  • TA – INSIGHTS – Advanced entertaining and educational videos.

Recently a lot of content has been added to this channel and I hope to see regular uploads in the near future as I see this one really taking off in popularity.

Gardner Tackle TV Carp Fishing

21.8k Subscribers (February 2020)

This channel features the present and upcoming line of Gardner Tackle Products. In my opinion, some of the best kit money can buy. Every piece of gear I’ve owned made from Gardner has been high quality and lasted the test of time. Playlists on this channel include:

  • Gardner Tackle Product Demos.
  • Garner Tackle How-To.
  • Gardner Tackle “In Session”.
  • Garner Tackle Bait Making.
  • Gardner Advanced Technology Tackle.

If your a fan of the Garner lineup of tackle you will definitely want to subscribe to this channel.

Wychwood Carp

7.18k Subscribers (February 2020)

Wychwood Carp another Carp Fishing Tackle and Gear manufacturer has created this channel to highlight their range of gear. Playlists include:

  • Wychwood Product Videos.
  • Wychwood in Session.
  • Wychwood Apparel.

Some quality videos to be had here. With some more content and regular uploads I could see this channel having some decent growth in the future.


13.2k Subscribers (February 2020)

Another of the top bait companies. DNADIGITALTV produces a lot of content and uploads their channel regularly. Once again another channel that has both engaging and educational style videos. Playlists include:

  • DNA Winter Series.
  • Summer Carping.
  • The Mindset.
  • DNA Open-Access.
  • Product Videos
  • and Many More.

Very entertaining content featuring some of carp anglings top anglers.


10.4k Subscibers (February 2020)

Another YouTube channel from a carp fishing bait company. Baitworks uploads videos to their playlists such as:

  • Baitworks Products and How-to.
  • Carp Fishing Tips and Tactics.
  • On the Bank Sessions.


2.71k Subscibers (February 2020)

Official YouTube Channel of the annual World Carp Classic. Every year the coverage of the event gets better and better through this channel. Follow the event with video coverage. A great addition to any competitive carp anglers YouTube subscription list. Here you can find content from previous year’s events to find out what the top catches and teams have been.

Improved Carp Angling

75 Subscribers (February 2020)

Last but not least! (I hope) My own channel I started at the beginning of 2020. I figure it will be a long grind to get the subscriber count up but I plan big things for this channel. Playlists I have planned include:

  • Carp Fishing Bait Series.
  • Carp Fishing Rig Series.
  • General How-To Related to all Things Carp.
  • Carp Fishing Gear Reviews.
  • Challenge Series Between North American and Anglers Worldwide.
  • Carp Fishing Beginner Series.

I really hope to highlight some of the great carp fishing opportunities North America has with this channel. If you’re interested in finding out more be sure to subscribe!

Well there you have it, I hope you found some new content to feed your carp addiction over the cold months!