Carp Fishing Shows and Programs

11 of the Best Carp Angling Shows and Programs

To me, carp anglers seem to differ greatly from anglers that target other species such as bass and pike. Carp angling seems to be more of an addiction than a hobby. I myself can’t seem to get enough. When the action is slow on the bank or in winter when our waters are frozen here in Canada, what is one to do to pass the time?

Luckily these days there’s tons of carp-angling content to keep us entertained during these periods. From tv, books, apps, games, forums, blogs, websites, trade shows, tackle prep, etc. You name it, there are many choices out there to satisfy your carp-angling brain throughout the year.

Educational and entertaining videos and programs will solve all your carp angling questions and pass the time during slow periods. From free to paid content the options today are limitless. There is a ton of content out there and a lot more is being added daily. It is near impossible to consume all of it. I have compiled a list in this article to aid those seeking to find quality video content.

25 YouTube Channels

What Carp Fishing Shows or Programs to Watch to Pass the Time?  Listed below are some of the best programs I’ve watched on carp angling. Many a great evening was spent cozied up near the fire with a hot coffee or tea learning all sorts of new tips and tricks from great anglers all over the world.


I stumbled upon FishingTV a few years ago when I purchased a smart TV. It came preloaded as an app with some free content when I set up the TV. It is quite amazing how much content is actually available to anglers on FishingTV. The programs offer fishing adventures all over the world.

This is the only form of carp-angling TV I pay to watch and is the only option covered on this list that is not free. It used to have a token system where you would purchase tokens to rent or buy fishing series or programs that they offered. They have recently switched to a flat yearly subscription fee which is much simpler and convenient for users. Listed below are the channels which it offers. Under each channel, there are many programs that pertain to that specific channel.

  • Carp Channel.
  • Coarse and Match Fishing.
  • The Fly Fishing Channel.
  • Planet Fish.
  • World Fishing Day.
  • Predators.
  • Saltwater Angler.

The channel I watch the most is the Carp Channel. It is the reason I subscribed to FishingTV. It has many great programs such as:

  • Carp Wars – One of my favourite fishing series. I binge-watched both seasons in the span of a few days as I couldn’t get enough.
  • In Pursuit of Carpiness with Mark Pitchers and Harry Charrington.
  • On The Bank with Rob Hughes and Andy Ford.
  • Addicted to Carp with Adam Penning.
  • The Compulsive Angler with Jerry Hammond.
  • From The Bivvy with Ian Russel, Ian Chilcott and Derek Ritchie.
  • Carp Channel Series – Used and Abused, Rig Board, Bait Sense and Short Session Success.

These are just a few of the shows on the Carp Channel for the entire list visit In my opinion, the content is well worth the price of the yearly fee.

For a FREE TRIAL and more information on FishingTV episodes, channels and pricing please visit The free trial is worth it to be able to watch the Series of Carp Wars alone.

Fishing TV


  • 19,330 YouTube Subscribers at the time of publishing this article. (Growing Quickly.)

My number 1 pick and my go-to source for all things carpy. They add multiple videos per week on a consistent basis. It is hard to keep up to date with all their content. They provide multiple series which keeps content fresh and entertaining. Some of those series include:

Gear Reviews

Literally, a ton of content on a multitude of products from every manufacturer you could imagine. Well laid out and precisely to the point these videos are a must-watch for anyone looking to get a new piece of kit.

In Session Videos

Entertaining content with many famous European anglers. Nice to see different perspectives from each angler on certain topics.


Great videos on how to tie different rigs and make different baits. Well laid out in an easy-to-consume format. These videos will definitely improve your skills on the bank.


I really enjoy the trade show visits. Those of us living abroad in North America don’t have access to such content otherwise. It’s nice to see the new and innovative gear that is being developed and going to be released in the future.

Carpology Carpool

One of my personal favourite series that Carpology is working on. I’ve watched 3 videos so far and they’re all highly entertaining.

Literally tons of free video content to be had on their website and YouTube channel. There are also very informative articles on their website if you enjoy reading as well.

Korda TV Carp Fishing

  • 112,532 YouTube Subscribers at the time of writing this article. (Growing Quickly.)

Although this is number 2 on my list Korda TV Carp Fishing is the first carp fishing YouTube channel I followed. Really great content and filmography on this channel. Many different series which are entertaining and still educate anglers on the finer bits of carp angling. The Korda YouTube series includes:

  • Thinking Tackle Online – A series highlighting all the tackle and gear Korda has available for purchase. Many tips and tricks throughout this entertaining series to improve beginner or advanced anglers catch rates.
  • Masterclass – Another series highlighting the many uses of Korda’s range of tackle. Very educational on differing aspects of carp angling.
  • Embryo Angling Habitats – A volunteer and charity project started by Danny Fairbass to give back to the carp angling community. Funds raised from certain products including the embryo calendar are used to fence, rehabilitate and restock certain lakes that have had fish populations decline due to predation.
  • Monster Carp – Upcoming series that highlight huge carp from venues around the world.
  • Korda Underwater Series – A very informative series on how carp react to bait and rigs underwater.

These are only a few of the series Korda has produced all educational and highly entertaining with the personalities in each episode.

Main anglers: Danny Fairbass, Ali Hamidi, Tom Dove, Darrell Peck, Neil Spooner and many more.

Nash TV Carp Fishing

  • 88,337 YouTube Subscribers at the time of writing this article. (Growing quickly.)

Coming in at number 3 is Nash TV. One of the main carp gear manufacturers use their YouTube channel to promote their gear with very entertaining content. Episodes on their channel include:

  • Urban Banx – Hosted by Alan Blair (One of my favourite carp fishing personalities) this series many urban carp fishing environments and the fish that inhabit them.
  • On The Bank Fishing Videos – This series covers many different locations with many different carp anglers. Each episode is sure to teach something new to any carp angler while still highly entertaining.
  • Life at Nash (Behind the Scenes at Nash Tackle) – Hosted by Nash’s Tom Forman armed with a video camera this series takes a candid look behind the scenes of Nash Tackle.
  • Nash TV Carp Fishing Blogs – Featuring Steve Briggs and many other carp anglers this series highlights some of the great carp fishing venues around the world.

Other series include How-To Videos, Nash Gear and Nash’s Top Picks Videos. Countless hours of entertaining educational videos to keep any carp angler content throughout the slow periods of the year.

Fox International Carp Fishing

  • 95,927 YouTube Subscribers at the time of writing this article. (Growing Steadily.)

Number 4 on the list is Fox International Carp Fishing. Another of the main European carp tackle innovators. Their YouTube channel has tons of content on their gear and how to use it. Once again very entertaining and educational content. I believe a lot of the success of this channel comes from the fact that it specifically targets its videos to a wide range of different countries and languages. Series include:

  • Carp Coach – Tom Maker hosts this educational series on the finer details of carp angling.
  • The Challenge – Mark Pitchers accepts all sorts of challenges from user comments. Highly entertaining to see what new challenges he is faced with in each episode.
  • Underwater Answers – Rob Hughes dons his scuba gear and goes beneath the waters surface to answer all sorts of pressing questions as to how rigs and bait are presented in all sorts of different conditions.

Aside from the entertaining content they also feature countless videos highlighting the huge range of Fox Carp Fishing Tackle available on the market. From promotional to how-to instructional videos.

Main carp anglers include Mark Pitchers and Tom Maker.

Carl and Alex Fishing

  • 85,876 YouTube Subscribers at the time of writing this article. (Steadily Rising.)

Number 5 is a channel I never really gave much thought to until recently. Carl and Alex Fishing cover different species than just carp. After seeing Carl and Alex appearing on some of the Nash videos I thought I’d give some of their personal content a try. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the videos and editing. I’ve mostly only watched their Carp Fishing Video Series but they do have some other series including:

  • Our Best Films – Featuring some of the largest and most entertaining catches.
  • Carp Fishing – Features their carp fishing adventures.
  • Coarse Fishing – Highlights their fishing adventures for basically all UK freshwater fish.
  • Saltwater Fishing – Not their specialty but some really interesting catches from the ocean.

Other series include Q & A with Carl and Alex and USA Bass fishing highlighting their bass fishing adventures across the pond.


  • 15,213 YouTube Subscribers at the time of writing this article.

ESPCarpgear is a channel created to promote the E-S-P line of carp fishing gear. It’s not all gear reviews though. This channel has some really well-made videos. Stunning filmography paired with epic storytelling all combined with great editing makes for some very memorable programs. It seems no matter what video I watch with Terry Hearn in it just flies by. Hour-long videos seem like 5 minutes. One of the greatest storytellers out there. Some must-watch videos to be found here if you’re passionate about carp angling.

World Carp Classic

  • 1,885 YouTube Subscribers at the time of writing this article.

The World Carp Classic YouTube channel has some very entertaining content on its past event. A carp angling championship that draws anglers from all parts of the world. It is great to see more and more carp fishing content of this type being broadcast on a global scale. I really enjoy the competitive aspect of carp angling and it is great to see how passionate others are about it as well.

A great channel that has many hours of entertaining carp action.

Rob Hughes TV

  • 4,306 YouTube Subscribers at the time of writing this article.

Rob Hughes is a well know carp angler all over the world. He is very passionate about the sport and is highly into the competitive side of things. He has his own carp fishing TV show “On The Bank.” and also appears on other programs and events quite often. His content is always entertaining and often does live videos via Facebook of the events he attends. The low subscriber count is due to it being a very new channel.

Catfish and Carp

  • 482,054 YouTube Subscribers at the time of writing this article.

Luke from Catfish and Carp has done very well at hitting the top of the search bar on most carp fishing queries on YouTube. His channel Catfish and Carp highlights many of his crazy fishing adventures with his boys. I first discovered his channel when researching carp fishing bait and tactics in my spare time. Quite informative for anyone who is new to carp angling or needs some pointers with taking kids fishing.

One of the two channels to hit the list is located in North America. I am glad to see his carp video content doing so well on YouTube.

Brian Wingard

  • 10,002 YouTube Subscribers at the time of writing this article.

The 2nd of the two YouTube channels from North America to be listed here. Brian Wingard has many video tutorials on carp fishing for beginners. Lots of tips and tactics to be learned here for those curious about how to catch carp. Very interesting to see all the homemade bait recipes Brian has on his channel. These videos will save you a ton of money on bait and gear if you are new to the sport. Brian seems like a very calm and friendly guy always quick to reply to comments posted on his videos to further help new anglers.

I hope you discover new tactics or tricks within this content I have shared. I didn’t have the option of all this free content when I first began carp angling, I simply learned from my mistakes as I went. When these programs became available my carp angling skills improved greatly.

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