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Here at Improved Carp Angling, we strive to provide the most comprehensive resource for carp anglers. Whether you’re new to carp angling or an experienced angler, we hope to provide something for everyone.

We’re constantly testing and tweaking new things to see how fish react to baits, rigs and gear. Minor adjustments here and there can help increase catch rates, as demonstrated on our underwater cameras.

From the Main Menu above, simply choose whichever topic you’re interested in from Bait, Rigs, Beginners, Reviews or Gear. We cover everything related to Carp Fishing.

Cold Water Green Review

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Improved Carp Angling
Figure of Eight Loop Knot Blobbed Step 3

The Figure of Eight Loop Knot

A simple tutorial on How to Tie the Figure of Eight Loop Knot. A more robust version of the Overhand Loop Knot, which is one of the first knots a carp angler will learn to tie as they’re used for simple hair rigs.

Cold Water Green Beast Boosted Hookbaits

The Sonik Sk-Tek Rod Sleeve

Sometimes less is more. A more compact and lightweight carp fishing setup will allow you to get out on the bank quicker and easier. In this article, we take a close-up look at the Sonik Sk-Tek Rod Sleeve to increase time on the bank.

Cold Water Green Beast Pellets

Guide to Using Pellets for Carp Fishing

One of the most effective Baits for Carp Fishing – Pellets. There are many different types of pellets available for anglers to use. This simple guide covers which are best and how to use them effectively.

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Improved Carp Angling

Mainline Smart Liquid

We jump into the test tank in this video to quickly examine how Smart Liquid from Mainline Baits reacts underwater. It’s pretty impressive how this liquid performs.

Simple Carp Bait Hack

In this video, we share a quick homemade carp bait recipe to introduce a ton of attraction into the water column to supercharge your swim and get carp feeding quickly.

New Carp Fishing Bait

A new bait line exclusive to Canada by Dt Baits is available through Carpkit. In this video, we unbox and take a look at the bait strategy I will be using in my next Carp Fishing Tournament.

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